Behind the scenes at the GOS finals!

Posted November 23, 2009 by brink

GOS trick list

Filming tricktionary
Tricktionary filming!

Tricktionary slam
Flatground slam!

Danny Garcia VIP
Danny's VIP wristband broke.

Mike Anderson arrives
The Mandersons arrive!

Kevin Romar's fro
Romar's 'fro is killin' it!

Rick McCrank
Rick was all smiles!

Kellen James signs
Kellen signs for a fan.

Plaid Brothers? Garcia, Rattray and Terpening
Plaid is rad. Rattray, Danny and Kevin Terpening.

Kevin Terpening volvo

es footwear kevin terpening
Kevin celebrates a day of flatground with a backside flip

Kevin Terpening nap time
Then he took a nap.

Freedom Plaza First Blood
Seen these First Bloods yet?

GOS battlefield
The battlegrounds.

rock, paper, scissors
Rock paper scissors!

Danny Garcia watches
Danny watches a game or two.

GOS boxer
Boxer approved!

Pas Mateo
éS founder/owner, Pierre André and his little one. First time on a board!

Scuba and Danny Garcia
Scuba and Danny get geeky in the TF.

Sole Tech owl
Eye in the sky.


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  1. dude, es game of skate was tiiiiiiiggggghhhhhttt! i saw justin eldridge, met him, and took a picture with him.

    csean26 Posted: 5 years ago

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