Rick McCrank: Behind the Ad

Posted December 28, 2009 by brink

A little holiday gift for y'all ... a conversation with Rick McCrank about his latest éS ad ... and a few other things:

es footwear rick mccrank

Didn’t anyone ever tell you that regular belts are out and you’re supposed to be wearing a shoelace around your waist?
I wore a shoelace belt for a while. It kept digging in to my side and it looked like a G-string so I went traditional again. Chocolate makes a nice belt. I've been wearing it forever.

Do you feel weird about the amount of underwear showing in your ad?
Yeah that's a bummer. That ledge has a nice sized drop off of it. I guess I caught the wind.

Where do you buy your boxers?
I don't need to buy boxers because Matix makes really good ones.

How about those chicks in the upper left corner? Were they checking you out?
I don't know? They were there for a really long time. I think one of our dudes was chatting them up and got a number.

Did the naked statues on the wall distract you at all? Perhaps inspire you?
Definitely inspired me. I love the old architecture in Paris and I don't mind a nude body either.

rick mccrank es footwear

So where is this spot and what do you like and dislike about it?
It's in Paris at what is now an art gallery called Palais de Tokyo. Ed Templeton had a show there! I really like this spot. It has a perfect three stair with really nice ground, a tall ledge that Biebel switch back tailed, a small double set, a huge double set, the hubba and the massive one above it. I always have fun there. The hubba is wide and has a perfect slope. It slides and grinds great. I guess I dislike how beat up the ground has gotten over the years. It's a main skate spot in Paris so the ground at the bottom of the three-stair and the double set is all smashed up. Oh and it always smells like piss where you start for the hubba.

Was this a spontaneous thing or was the 50-50 backside 180 planned prior to the arrival?
It was spontaneous. I wanted to try another trick on the backside one but didn't have the nerve that day. It was Bobby that suggested I try 50-50 backside 180. Thanks Bob!

Have you ever had any other ads at this spot? I know in Menikmati you 50-50'd it.
I think I had an éS ad doing 50-50 kickflip out over the kink. I've done a couple other things on it over the years.

What’s your favorite trick that you’ve seen done there by someone else?
Colt Cannon frontside nosegrinded it. That is insane! I heard a rumor that Tom Penny almost frontside noseslide it but that's unconfirmed.

Is it more intimidating to skate this thing now or was it harder back then? I’d think back then it would have been a higher ledge by common standards… but now maybe the trick you were trying was harder?
It was harder now because I have bad ankles.

I heard you battled a bit. Did you know you would eventually land it?
Yeah it took some time because I'm rusty with the bigger things. I did have faith I could do it though ... just had to put the time in. My ankles are jacked. I'm getting some clean-up surgery in a few weeks. I didn't even think I would street skate that whole trip. The good thing about that trick was that it only really hurt my ankles when I landed from the impact, so if it felt wrong I could just run or slide down the ledge on my ass.

Did you land it more than once?
Nope, luckily it worked out the first time I rode away.

Can you describe, person-by-person, what’s going on in that other photo?
Terps was trying to do a blunt over me while I got hippy. Manderson was pretending to be a Sasquatch and Josh was puking up the poison from the night before.

es footwear rick mccrank

Quote from Seb… “He did it for liberté I think. I’m sure égalité and fraternité came in to it too.” What’s that all about? Did you indeed do it for all those things?
I did it because skateboarding is all I've got.

This was during the last leg of The Great éScape tour… what was your favorite part of that trip?
Being in Paris was my favorite part. I love skating there and just being there. I'd like to spend most of next summer there.

Are you working on any interviews, video projects or more film stuff at the moment?
I think I've done enough interviews for a lifetime. I'm not that interesting.

Will you have a part in the Chocolate video?
Yeah. I'm going to have a part in the Chocolate video and I might do a skate project on film with a friend of mine.

You’ve been on éS a pretty long time now! When did you get on?
I think it's been ten years. Crazy! I wonder if I get a watch or a plaque?

Any New Years resolutions for 2010?
Get my ankles in order and skate my ass off.

Footage of Rick at Le Dome in The Great éScape part 3:


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