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Posted October 6, 2009. 8 Comments

éS Holiday 2009 Footwear and Apparel!

Featuring the Garcia 2 Mid, and the Bobby Worrest and Justin Eldridge Collections.

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Posted October 6, 2009. 3 Comments

Happy Birthday Rattray!

éS would like to take a quick moment to wish Mr. John Rattray a very happy birthday today. Have a great one, John!

John rattray es footwear welcome

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On a trip...

... Danny and Scuba did some dishes, Bobby got a new tattoo, John did crunches, Mike tried to light the fireplace, Rick opted for veggie pizza and Mike and Bobby learned how to use the speedbag... well... kinda...

Download it! (2.03 MB)

es footwear october trip
es footwear october tripes footwear october tripes footwear october tripes footwear october trip

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Tony Karr welcome!

tony karr es footwear

Stereo has a full Tony Karr welcome part live on their site now as well as a new interview and team page! A lovely way to start your weekend, thats fo' sho'!

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This month in the mags....

Coming in fresh off the release of his Extremely Sorry part, TX lets you know what gets him hyped in the November issue of The Skateboard Mag...

Rodrigo Tx. TSM Mypod

...And John Rattray pretty much drops into a wall in the November TWS Elwood tour article.

John Rattray TWS Elwood article