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Tony Karr welcome!

tony karr es footwear

Stereo has a full Tony Karr welcome part live on their site now as well as a new interview and team page! A lovely way to start your weekend, thats fo' sho'!

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This month in the mags....

Coming in fresh off the release of his Extremely Sorry part, TX lets you know what gets him hyped in the November issue of The Skateboard Mag...

Rodrigo Tx. TSM Mypod

...And John Rattray pretty much drops into a wall in the November TWS Elwood tour article.

John Rattray TWS Elwood article

Posted September 29, 2009. 1 Comment

More Romar from the Showdown!

kevin romar es footwear downtown showdown
Nollie heel
kevin romar es footwear downtown showdown
Nollie back 360
kevin romar es footwear downtown showdown
Back nollie heel

Posted September 27, 2009. 2 Comments

Romar ripped the Showdown!

Here's a little taste... kickflip warm-up down the 12. More to come on Monday. It's the weekend, fool! You should be out skating...

kevin romar es footwear downtown showdown

Posted September 24, 2009. 1 Comment

You'll be missed, Eric...

It's never good to lose a friend and fellow skateboarder... or the guy who's been part of some great skate mags over the years. Our condolences to all of Eric Stricker's friends and family in this difficult time.

es footwear eric stricker

In other sad and not-to-be-forgotten news, yesterday was the one year anniversary of Johnny Romano passing away and we miss him daily. Life is short... Go skateboarding.