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Posted May 19, 2009. 5 Comments

3 minutes of puking...

No, seriously... don't say we didn't warn you. Bobby got food poisoning in Costa Rica. But it wasn't until after zip line tour in the rainforest that his stomach really got jacked. On the way back to the hotel we stopped on the side of the road so he could "recover."

bobby worrest puking costa rica es footwear

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Posted May 13, 2009. 1 Comment

éSpañol leftovers!

Yeah, we got tons of 'em coming your way. This is what Bobby sounds like in Spanish...

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Posted April 7, 2009. 2 Comments

éSpañol Quote Book!

espanol tour quotes

After logging tons of tidbits on Twitter during the éSpañol Tour, it dawned on me that quite a few funny quotes were on there and easily accessible. I reread them, laughed and decided to put 'em here...

"You smell like weird pasta, Danny." - Bobby Worrest

"I smell a fart." - Mike Anderson

"Me and the ground kick it on the regular." - Justin on his influx of slams this tour.

"I'm just trying to not come up." - Scuba on paying for dinner in Peru.

"The Great Wall wasn't that gnarly." - Scuba Steve

"The Kre-per video was sick!" - Mike Anderson

"Nuclear gets a bad rap." - Scuba referring to the boob shaped San Onofre power plant.

"Everyone loves to bum people out with the truth." - Mike Anderson

"I feel like Princess Diana... they are trying to kill us!" - Bobby Worrest in the demo getaway van today.

"This is what it's like to be 'Lil Wayne!" - Justin Eldridge on today's riot of a demo.

"This is what it's like to be R. Kelly!" - Bobby Worrest on today's riot of a signing.

"I don't care about apps." - Scuba Steve on why he doesn't want an iPhone.

"It would be rad if there was a cool STD." - Mike Anderson on STDs.

"Do I look fat with my shirt off?" - Bobby Worrest

"The sky here looks like an éS ad." - Mike Anderson in Panama.

"That's my life... I take so long in the morning matching my clothes." - Justin Eldridge

"All the dogs in Peru love me." - Danny Garcia

Posted March 30, 2009. 1 Comment

Stephan Gunther Kingpin interview!

stephan gunther es footwear

Check out the latest Kingpin Magazine for a 12-page interview with European éS rider Stephan Günther! Stephan has been recovering from a major injury: shattered knee, broken wrist and a double fractured ankle but has prevailed and is back on the board again...