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Page 2 January 2010

Posted January 25, 2010. 1 Comment

New TSM!

rodrigo tx es footwear

TX interview and Chocolate tour article in the latest issue of The Skateboard Mag!

justin eldridge es footwear

Posted January 20, 2010. 2 Comments

New Skateboarder!

mike anderson es footwear skateboarder

You already know Manderson got the cover, but did you know he's got a full-on feature interview in there too? Gues swhat else? Stevie Perez got a Who's Hot! On newsstands now, kids!

stevie perez es footwear skateboarder

Posted January 20, 2010. Leave a comment!

éS is lighting up the web!

rick mccrank es footwear

Rick and Justin and their latest product can be seen in the newest Wallride catalog. More from Manderson's baby shower, including Scuba, Bobby and Garcia commentary can be found here. Beauty and the Beast 2, featuring Rick McCrank, is now available on DVD or can be downloaded from iTunes!

Posted January 19, 2010. 1 Comment

Mike Anderson's Baby Shower!

Last Saturday, we celebrated the coming of Mike Anderson's first child up at the Anderson compound in Ventura, California. Tons of homies came, great food was prepared and eaten, we met Mike's amazing family, the mini ramp was shredded, sugar gliders chilled in their cage, dogs got lots of good table scraps... in a word... so much fun. Thanks to all who came and best of luck to Mike and Daisy on their soon-to-be family!

Check the clip for first drops-ins ever, Mike Practicing with someone else's baby and Atiba's new trick!

Download it!

es footwear mike anderson shower
This will save your life.

es footwear mike anderson shower
This is how all of this got started in the first place. Safe sex kids...

es footwear mike anderson shower
We miss Van.

es footwear mike anderson shower
Onions are either so popular that there were a lot... or so unpopular that no one ate them.

es footwear mike anderson shower
Starbucks stash spot.

es footwear mike anderson shower
Danny and I were still hungry on the way home so we got some steezy sushi.

es footwear mike anderson shower
Then got to his place and did some reading.

es footwear mike anderson shower
Then I went for some alone time and found this cool book. So I did some reading of my own

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