The Spanish éS team in Basque Country

Posted March 12, 2010 by wilko

Last September the Spanish éS team decided to pack their bags and visit Basque country. While that part of Spain is known by it's bad weather the team had a lot of luck; the weather couldn't be better! In fact, it was rather hot!

Together with team manager and photographer Alberto Polo, teamriders Juliano Guimaraes, Cristian Vanella, Raúl Lupiañez (Lupi), Jeffrey Luque, Jorge Barreto, Orlando Acosta and Armando Santos visited Bilbao, San Sebastian and Vitoria (Basque Country). The whole trip was documented in a 10 page article in issue 75 of Dogway magazine.

Expect a video edit of the trip to launch soon here on the éS website!

Basque Tour Article Dogway 1

Basque Tour Article Dogway 2

Basque Tour Article Dogway 3

Basque Tour Article Dogway 4

Basque Tour Article Dogway 5

Illustrations in the article are done by éS contributor Adrian Blanca.


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