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Haven't heard about the movie, MACHOTAILDROP yet? Well, now you have! MACHOTAILDROP is a fantastical adventure-comedy in which skateboarding is not a trivial pastime but a noble pursuit of the highest cultural recognition. In this strangely beautiful world, professional skateboarders live like knights in baroque castles - the half pipe is their jousting arena, and concrete streets the forums for their Machiavellian tricks. Walter Rhum’s (Anthony Amedori) dream comes true when he is selected to ride professionally for Machotaildrop, the world’s most prestigious skateboard company.

As a result of this, Walter is transported to the lavish estate of Machotaildrop’s headquarters, lorded over by the Baron (James Faulkner). As the Baron grooming the young Walter to dethrone the current top rider, Blair Stanley (Rick McCrank), Walter’s fantasy life dissolves into a dizzying nightmare exposing the nasty underbelly of the Baron’s skateboard manufacturing operation.

Toronto International Film Festival
Whistler Film Festival
X-Dance Festival, Utah


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