Scuba Interviews Ben Raemers

Posted April 27, 2010 by éS

So, Ben, tell me what happened to your ankle?
Basically, I was in Germany for the ISPO trade show and there was a Volcom contest on a mini-ramp, we had just got there, I was messing around, did a tail stall, my back foot came off and Mr. Front Foot kept going with the board and my ankle went inwards! It was the worst, I had to go to a German hospital and get physical therapy for 2 months, but it’s feeling healthier daily.

Ben Raemers

So, your trip out here was delayed by your injury and then what else caused a delay?
Yeah mate, I had to delay the trip by 2 months because of my ankle and then when I could finally come to the states, Iceland’s volcano had blown ash everywhere, so the planes could not fly! I was scared because they were saying it was going to be delayed for months, but I got a flight like 2 days later and here I am!

You got pretty lucky only getting delayed one day, lots of people were stranded over a week?
I felt a bit bad because when I was in the airport in Germany, there were so many people with signs saying Stranded and stuff like that because they could not fly home.

Ben Raemers

Tell me a little bit of your tattoos, what’s the newest one, and what does it represent?
Hahaha, well, I got it done about 2 days before I was flying to the states, it’s the Essex swords that are the logo for my county, thought I’d get it for the future, so if I get a little homesick I just look at my wrist and its all good!

Ben Raemers

You’re out here for about a month, what’s on your itinerary?
Basically, I’m out here for a month before the éS To Europe With Love Tour, just trying to keep it kind of mellow, I just wanted to see everyone really! I’m staying in LA at the moment with Scuba and éS then going to Costa Mesa to stay at the Volcom house, and see Todd at Teenage Runaway, then going up to San Jose to stay with enjoi, it’s going to be a fun time!

Tell me about your new favorite drink from 7-11, how many do you drink a day?
Ahhhh, Arizona Iced Teas, the best a man can get! Yeah literally, I wake up and crave one, then I’ll go get 2 and drink them, then at night time I always stick one more in there. For the flavours Cranberry is actually pretty good, but I don’t think anything can top-off the old Strawberry and Kiwi though!

Ben Raemers

When you return home, you don't have too much time before you meet up with us again for the éS To Europe With Love Tour and it’s your first éS trip, you excited about that?
Yeah man, it’s going to be a great time and I will get to meet the whole team, skate around Europe for a bit, see the things I haven’t seen, taking my digi-camera, it’s gonna be a great laugh mate! And, plus, straight after that I’m moving to the states, It’s gonna be a good year!!!!

Ben Raemers

Thanks Ben, look forward to seeing more of you in the future.
- Scuba


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