éS UK proudly welcomes Oliver Todd

Posted May 19, 2010 by wilko

éS UK proudly welcomes Oliver Todd

We are excited to announce the addition of the ‘internationally renowned’ Oliver Todd to the UK éS team. This stylish Cumbrian powerhouse, now residing in London, has been tearing holes in the streets of the capital for some years and as pro on the now infamous Palace Skateboards Olly is deep in the filming mix, working hard towards the first in this years highly anticipated series of releases. Olly will join the existing team of John Tanner, Nicky Howells and Rob Mathieson as they embark on a series of filming and photography missions planned this summer. Keep your eyes on this team; it’s going to be a powerful year!


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There's 3 responses to "éS UK proudly welcomes Oliver Todd "

  1. I'm so happy he got picked up. Love this dude. Congrats to Olly and es. Awesome combo :)

    jme Posted: 4 years ago
  2. damn, thats sick, the es team has been growing so quickly! i hope kevin romar, kelly hart, and stevie perez are put up on the team page

    SeanC Posted: 4 years ago
  3. i skated with Oliver back in the day.Back in whitehaven cumbria the man is a skating legend here!!! well done big man!

    cab newton Posted: 4 years ago

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