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May 2010

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Postcard from London

éS gives you a little postcard from London.

Postcard from London

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Neighborhoods: Kelly Hart & Walker Ryan

Tag along for a day of coastal skateboarding with Kelly Hart and Walker Ryan in their seaside hamlet of Pacific Beach, California. Guest skaters: David Cole and Andy Arrabito.

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Neighborhoods featuring Kelly Hart at Transworld

Tomorrow, <a href="">Transworld Skateboarding</a> will be rolling out a new episode of Neighborhoods featuring <a href="">Kelly Hart</a> and Walker Ryan in their coastal community of Pacific Beach, California. For now, here’s a sneak preview in photo form.

Tomorrow, Transworld Skateboarding will be rolling out a new episode of Neighborhoods featuring Kelly Hart and Walker Ryan in their coastal community of Pacific Beach, California. For now, here’s a sneak preview in photo form.

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Kellen James in Jim Kappel Edit

Jim Kappel has been filming in San Diego for days and has filmed for Deluxe, Sk8mafia, enjoi, Foundation and many more. Here is a video edit he just posted up that showcases some board skills from Kellen James.

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Skateboarding Starts With éS

Today éS Skateboarding turns a ripe 15 years old and to celebrate your skateboarding heritage, éS created a 15 year timeline website. Join éS every two weeks for the next 6 months as we take an in-depth look at each year of the brand, from its birth as a skate shoe innovator in 1995 all the way to its position today as one of the best-known and most worn skateboarding brands.

Skateboarding Starts With éS

We've dug deep into the archives and pulled out a grip of rare, vintage photos and video of all your favorite éS team riders, shoes, ads, mag coverage and plenty of other fun stuff, so be sure to check back for new features as they release with special surprises as the years release. It's time to re-experience some of your favorite skateboarding memories, or discover for the first time the history of éS.

Check out the new éS timeline website.

Skateboarding Starts With éS

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Cale Nuske Video for Picture Wheels

Picture Wheels just threw up a pretty good clip of our boy, Cale Nuske on their YouTube page, check it out.

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10 Years and 10 Questions with Rodrigo TX

Milestones are a rare achievement, most people either give up before they obtain their ultimate goal or fail at the pursuit of it. Recently, Rodrigo reached a key milestone of being a major player on the éS team for the last 10 years, so obviously TX is not mixed into this realm of an average person. After just completing a two-song ender in L-R-G’s first full-length video Give Me My Money Chico, Rodrigo finds himself in Brazil back on the road to recovery from a recent knee surgery he had to fix past issues. We were able to catch Rodrigo at home and ask him about his ten years with éS, skateboarding and his reaction to a new website éS is launching in the near future on the history of the brand on the anniversary of 5/19/2010.

10 Years With Rodrigo TX

1. Ten years with éS, man did that seem to fly by! Do you have a story of how you got on the éS team?
Man, ten years I must be getting old…hahaha. Basically, I went to the European contest in 1999 when I was 15 then and I skated all the contests and after winning the last one, which was in Prague. Some skaters hit me up, team managers and I also got invited to skate a contest in NYC.

While I was in Brazil I talked to Bob on the phone a few times and he really wanted me to get on The Firm and éS as well, so I went to the NYC contest and after that to San Diego for a week to stay with Bob, he took me to éS, so he’s the one that got me here, thanks Bob!!!

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