Quick Catch Up with Mike Anderson

Posted July 28, 2010 by éS

Quick Krooked grind with Mike Anderson
It's been a huge year for you so far, Mike. First cover, new baby, new video part in the works for Krooked's 3D flick, and now turning pro for Krooked, Matix and éS. Did you know the pro status was coming?
This has definitely been my craziest year yet. I mean, I have a daughter now. Life has gotten crazy, and I love every minute of it. I can't believe I'm pro too! And the krook3d video should be a fun one to watch. Great skateboarders.... Mark Gonzales.
Mike Anderson éS Skateboarding ad Mike Anderson in Krooked 3D
You have a new color-way that will be hitting in the Spring 2011 season, did you have any inspiration for that shoe before you did it?
I was really psyched on the Square Two, so when they asked what shoe I'd like to do I obviously said the Square Two. I just wanted a simple colorway and I love skating canvas shoes so Black canvas with the white stitching. For the insole, I had my good friend Charley, who's an amazing artist create the artwork.
Mike Anderson's Square Two colorway Mike Anderson's Square Two's Insole
When can we expect to see the new Krooked 3D video?
Soon enough.
Is it any different filming with a 3D camera? How does that work, is it three different camera angles?
Top secret info, sorry guys.
Mike Anderson
What's coming down the line for you for the rest of this year? Trips, interview, etc.
Film, film, and film for the upcoming Transworld video. Hopefully finish some interviews, travel, and most importantly and to be there for my Lyla Lee.
Mike Anderson 3D Krooked Graphic Click to rotate
If you're in the vicinity come and congratulate Mike on going Pro in person with his friends and family for a BBQ and Party.

Starts 4pm on Monday August 2nd at:
Five Points Skateshop
2787 E Main Street
Ventura, CA 93003

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