Mike Anderson goes Pro

Posted August 4, 2010 by éS

Mike Anderson is more of a man than most. Barely 21, newly a father and now Pro. As befits his personality, no star studded free booze mash up to celebrate but a return home to give props and thanks to the skateshop and community that raised him. Among friends and family and with thanks to Five Points Skateshop, Krooked, Thunder, Spitfire, Matix and éS. Mike signed autographs, posed for autographs, received many a hug and kept his grin maintained.

Mike Anderson and some of his Ads. Ventura, Ca

Cake lovingly made.

First graphic cake. Mike Anderson Ventura, Ca

Mike Signed his boards (Photo lifted from Mickey) ...

Board Stack Mike Anderson Ventura, Ca

and heads!

Signed heads. Mike Anderson. Ventura , Ca

It was a family affair. Jake and the Cake

Jake Anderson & the Cake. Mike Anderson. Ventura , Ca

Vanessa, Mike and Lyla.

Vanessa, Mike, Lyla. Mike Anderson. Ventura , Ca

Bob on the grill.

Bob Anderson grillin. Mike Anderson. Ventura , Ca

Serious meat!

BBQ. Mike Anderson. Ventura , Ca

Food queue.

Food queue. Mike Anderson. Ventura , Ca

Shoe meeting?

Shoe meeting. Mike Anderson. Ventura , Ca

Uncle Mickey, Daisy and Lyla.

Daisy, Mickey Reyes, Lyla. Mike Anderson. Ventura, Ca.

Is that a Pacifier?

Pacifier? Mike Anderson. Ventura, Ca

Dakota Reyes, Lyla, Justin Brock.

Dakota Reyes, Lyla Anderson, Justin Brock. Mike Anderson. Ventura, Ca.

Go shop at Five Points a true core skateshop steeped in history supporting the Ventura scene.

Five Points. Mike Anderson. Ventura, Ca.

Cheers Mike. More photos from John Bradford at Skateboarder. David Broach at Thrasher.

Cheers. Mike Anderson. Ventura, Ca.


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