Raleigh/Durham Day 2

Posted August 14, 2010 by éS

We found out why the van was smelling so bad, Josh and Stevie left some Indian food in there overnight, combined with some dirty the laundry, mostly the whites.

John taking care of some business.
john rattray dirty shirt

Speaking of laundry, its about that time of the trip.
roger laundry

Fake waffle house, breakfast wasn't so good.
runny eggs

Time for a demo, Vertical Urge is a fun park, they got an awesome skateshop and a coffee shop as well, good trio!
vertical urge storefront
vertical urge demo 1vertical urge demo 2
rick mccrank vertical urge
signing vertical urge

Rad car in the parking lot, Bobby needs to get his impala on some rims like this.

We ended the day, as we end most days, a nice dinner and a date with a couple jenny's. Ben and Kevin looking at the spot. Night skating is fun, thanks Kent for showing us around.
ben bump to boxc


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