North Carolina to VA Beach

Posted August 15, 2010 by éS

Last day of NC, we headed to Virginia Beach last night, skating along the way. Thanks to everyone who showed us around, we all had a really fun time, can't wait to get back there.

Had to try and skate the Durham courthouse on the way out of town, didn't get to long there.
durham courthouse

Stevie stretches out before we get kicked out.
stevie perez ben raemers durham

Kinked hubba before we hit the road. Rattray took the path of least resistance.
John Rattray Double Set Ollie

Rick figured a way to improve the odor of the van, Roger also had some Fabreeze in his bag.
rick mccrank candle

Gas stop along the way, reunited and it feels so good. Kevin grew up with this gas station chain.
Kevin Terpening Sheetz

Bobby Worrest, lower half of his body is blending into the hallway. Came down for a visit, were all excited to hang with him.
bobby woorest in hallway

Maryland's finest: James Anderson, Bobby Worrest, Jimmy McDonald. Woke up Jimmy for the photo.
Maryland's finest


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