Virginia Beach

Posted August 16, 2010 by éS

Yesterday was our mellow day on this tour, all of us needed a little beach time. No street skating, just a mellow demo and signing over at 17th St.

The morning view enjoyed by Kevin Terpening with a coffee.
kevin terpening coffee

The view was a little better higher up, Justin, Ben, Stevie and Josh enjoyed it.
balcony shot

What Ben referred to as a "milf-a-tron", he has been watching American movies lately.
milf a tron

17th St and Ben
ben 17th st

Rick and Bobby, 17th St.bobby and rick

Luckily, breakfast was served at 17th st, Justin and a hot dog.
justin hot dog

John Rattray autograph.
john rattray 17th st autograph

Kevin Terpening autograph.
kevin terpening autograph va beach

Rick McCrank banner, pretty cool when you see these show up for signings.
rick banner

Surf time, thanks to 17th St for taking care of us today.
va beach crew

Kevin Terpening, fish out of water?
kevin terpening va beach

Surfer Bob, check the footage soon.
surfer bobby worrest


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