Day of Driving

Posted August 17, 2010 by éS

Yesterday was the longest drive of the trip. 560 miles of highway, a whole day event. We crammed in the van, most too tired to get up, and enjoyed some solid traffic for the first two hours, just to get out of the Virginia Beach area.

John put this shirt on to constantly remind me how he felt about the van ride.
john rattray miserable

Some people decided to walk it out.
walking freeway

Scenes from a tour van.
tour van

A stop in Lexington, VA. Stevie spotted the Flintstones whip across from the gas station.
stevie and josh flintstones

Another traffic jam, add an hour to the drive.
flipped truck 1flipped truck 2

This looked a lot cooler than the photo shows. Smokey mountains?
smokey mountain


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