Nashville Day 1

Posted August 19, 2010 by éS

Our arrival into Nashville was greeted with severe thunderstorms and rain. We all went out skating yesterday hoping for some better weather conditions, which quickly deteriorated as soon as we got into skating a spot.

Justin and the weather forecast.
Justin Rain

Tried waiting out the rain, no point.
rained out

Stevie and a pair of some top secret shoes en route to the demo.
stevie lacing shoes

Rees, our friend and tourguide, holding it down for us in the south. Rees received a customized Ben Raemers tat.
Rees Millikin

Sixth Avenue just re-opened with a new park and shop on 4th ave, check back soon for footage of the park, its awesome.
6th ave banner

Signing time after a ripping demo.
signing sixth avejohn rattray and scottish flag


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