Nashville Day 2

Posted August 20, 2010 by éS

No rain today, just a lot of heat. Tensions were running high so we decided it was best to wait out the heat and skate in the evening. We headed out to some cliff jumps with Keegan and Zorro to cool off for a bit.

Percy Priest Lake.
percy priest lake

Justin getting ready for the hike.
justin supply sac

Jimmy with the cliff jump.
jimmy cliff jump

Were used to getting kicked out of places, but not the lake. There was a missing persons search going on.
water police

The crew at the lake, lakers?
kevin terpening lake

John wanted to dive off the cliff, he never got the chance.
john and lake

We ate at the best restaurant today, meat and three at The Iron Pork Chop, we give it 5 stars.
iron pork chop

Thanks Gabe for hooking us up!
gabe iron pork chop

Then a Donelson park session.
ben raemers donelson park

Ben kept asking about White Castle, so we pulled the van over to let him see what the hype and movies were about.
white castle

ben white castle


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