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Page 4 August 2010

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Atlanta Day 2

Atlanta was hot and got kicked out of everywhere we tried to skate. Sweated few a couple days of skating before a late night drive to Raleigh. Here are a few pics from yesterday.

Ambush signing, Kennesaw, GA.

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Mikey Ass Wednesdays at Scuba's House

Mikey Taylor went over to Scuba's House to film some fun on his quarter pipe. Featuring éS Am Kevin Terpening ...

Mikey Ass Wednesdays

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Atlanta Day 1

Yesterday we cut through the panhandle of Florida and headed through Alabama on the way to Atlanta, Georgia. Josh our local yelp expert found a nice lunch stop for us along the way in Montgomery.

Justin, Terps, Stevie and Ben Montgomery, AL.


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Baton Rouge/Ft Walton Beach

Baton Rouge was hot, Ronnie from Rukus decided it was best to take us to the bayou. Look out for some footage of Josh trying to wake board.

The Bayou.the bayou

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Baton Rouge Day 1

Louisiana is hot, about 100 out and extremely humid. The crew managed to skate through the heat.

Ben Raemers didn't put it together that the BR on this helmet meant Baton Rouge.
ben helmet

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Josh Matthews Photos 1

We took Josh's memory card and downloaded his photos. Josh insisted we leave a night early and stop by his former residence of Las Vegas. Here are a couple flicks from the drive.

palm tree Josh Matthews

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Mike Anderson in New Fuel TV Commercial

Fuel TV just dropped a new commercial featuring Mike Anderson and the rest of the Matix team.

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The road to South by Southeast

A little rain along the way in Arizona.
holbrook az rain

We stopped in Roswell, NM. Ben and Josh were intrigued by the extraterrestrial knowledge that filled the museum.
ben and josh roswell alien museum

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Mike Anderson goes Pro

Mike Anderson is more of a man than most. Barely 21, newly a father and now Pro. As befits his personality, no star studded free booze mash up to celebrate but a return home to give props and thanks to the skateshop and community that raised him. Among friends and family and with thanks to Five Points Skateshop, Krooked, Thunder, Spitfire, Matix and éS. Mike signed autographs, posed for autographs, received many a hug and kept his grin maintained.

Mike Anderson and some of his Ads. Ventura, Ca

Cake lovingly made.

First graphic cake. Mike Anderson Ventura, Ca

Mike Signed his boards (Photo lifted from Mickey)

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Ben Raemers in Kingpin

Ben in Kingpin

Ben has a got some coverage in the 'Burn' section of the latest issue of Kingpin Magazine!