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Today was the first official day of Tour After Tour. We woke up to wind howling though the streets of Rochester, I guess hurricane Earl stirred the weather up around here. It was cold today, at least from what we had been accustomed to. Check out Matt Price's blog.

Welcome to New York, upstate that is.
rochester grate

We all tried to skate before the demo, Bobby just woke up right here.
bobby rochester

The Kodak building, pretty rad!
kodak building

Signing and Demo at Krudco and RASP
krudco cool sign

The man in charge
aaron at krudco

Ben setting a board up for the demo
ben gripping board

Signing some posters, Jimmy waits patiently for his turn.
jimmy and mike at krudco

Guest appearance with the other Jimmy. Jimmy and Ben sign Aaron's autograph book.
jimmy and ben autograph book

Traditional product toss after the guys shredded for two hours. Thanks RASP for the hospitality.
product toss

Dinner time, Bobby and TX about to get into some BBQ.
bobby and tx dinosaurs


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