Buffalo Day 1

Posted September 6, 2010 by éS

We arrived in Buffalo yesterday from Rochester. Just over an hour drive through the top of upstate New York, not a bad drive. Wing Fest happened to be going yesterday, Bobby tried to enter the wing eating contest, but was not a certified competitive eater, so he was denied.

We rolled into town, straight to Sunday.
Rodrigo at Sunday

Wallie sign
sunday sign

JP running the shop
JP at sunday

Bobby and Mike's boards arrived.
bobby and mike label

Buffalo Ben, had a session at the local foundation spot.
buffalo ben

Product toss recipients.
kids at sunday

Beer drinking in parking lot.
mike and price renegade

Sunset looking towards Canada, Rick McCrank's over there!
sunset canada

Cool lights.
cool lights

The birthplace of the Buffalo Wing, we got denied. 2 hour wait.
anchor bar

Jimmy met a friend at another Buffalo Wing spot.
jimmy playing game


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