Wilmington/Baltimore/Washington D.C.

Posted September 10, 2010 by éS

Today we had to make the 100 mile journey from the top of Deleware to Washington D.C. Thanks to Bobby's greater than average sleep requirements, we were able to find a ditch spot by our hotel in Wilmington.

Mike Anderson waiting patiently for Sir Robert Edgar Worrest III
Mike Wilmington Hotel

Deleware ditch session.
deleware ditch

I-95 traffic is no fun, we decided Baltimore was a nice place to stop. Bobby sent us in the direction of Gary Smith's Vu skateshop.
Vu skateshop

A mini mini in the back of the shop, its rad, thanks Gary!
vu mini ramp

Next we went to The Wire Ditch or Hamsterdam. This spot is on the HBO show The Wire.
wire 1wire 2

New best pals, Ben and Jimmy.
ben and jimmy

Next stop for a few days.
Washington Monument


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