Posted September 10, 2010 by éS

Yesterday we drove down from Jersey to Wilmington, DE. We had a demo at the local YMCA park, but due to pad restrictions we shifted it to Kinetic's new DIY skatepark.

Ben at a starbucks off the New Jersey Turnpike.
Ben Starbucks

Mike signing a Krook3d poster, we can't wait to see the video!
mike krook3d

Bobby and a vintage Lori D Bobby shirt.
bobby and bobby shirt

Ben matched today, he was unaware of any gang affiliation.
Ben in red

Mark DelNegro holds it down for us in Deleware.
Mark Delenegro

We had to head to Philly, too close to pass it up. Cheesesteaks and skating through the night.

TX getting down.
rodrigo cheesesteak

Bobby relaxing after a session.
bobby  yellow wall

Skate tourists.
love sign
crew at love


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