Frederick, MD

Posted September 12, 2010 by éS

Pitcrew demo, Bobby Worrest home skate shop. Bobby is borderline celebrity in Frederick, the kids were shouting his name as we arrived to the shop.

The front of the shop. Kids lined up for the éS team with a light drizzle.pitcrew storefront

Bobby and Matt, thanks for making it down. You to Alex! Bobby and Willigan
Signing Time.
pitcrew signing

Bobby and Chaz with his customized Silver Bullet.
silver bullet

Special request number two.
bobby and teddy bear

Jimmy Pelletier.
jimmy pelletier

Lunch break before the demo.
team lunch frederick

Josh and Matt watching some nollie bigspin heels go down on the bank.
matt and josh

More Bobby fans
bobby fans

Two fine Englishmen.
Mike and Ben

Manderson left the trip in style.
Mike getting in towncar

We left Frederick the traditional way, en route to Wheeling, WV.
inside teh van


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