Washington D.C.

Posted September 12, 2010 by éS

Today was our skate day, no demos or signing, just skating. Washington D.C. on 9/11 was a pleasant surprise, lots of skating and good luck with security.

Walking the streets in search of breakfast, welcome to the trip Kevin.
kevin terps and ben

Finally we get to put Bobby's tour guide skills to good use.
bobby tour guide

Rodrigo icing the knee.
TX icing knee DC

The only and only, our friend Rodent, spotted him across from Pulaski on a date.

Setting up some Krook3d boards.
bobby and mike new boards

Fresh pair of sk8mafia shoes for Manderson.
Kelln Square 2

And a fresh deck.
Mike and Drehobl deck

Nice sunset, the day is only beginning right here.
DC Sunset


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  1. skateboarding is my life

    yuDa Posted: 4 years ago

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