Indianapolis Day 2

Posted September 16, 2010 by éS

Another day, another demo, another 5am return to the hotel. Guys are getting pretty sore and worn out right now, it took its toll today a the Rise demo at the Carmel Park. The guys able to skate, shredded the park and held it down and had a good time doing it.

The morning waiting ritual at the hotel, with a cup of complimentary coffee.
jimmy josh hotel coffee

Hackey Sack time in the parking lot.
Justin Hack

Some photos from the demo today.
bobby product tossjosh signingjimmy signingbobby signingkelly and fan

Jimmy jumped Josh into the Jew crew.
Josh Jew Tattoo

We missed our friend Silas by one day, he is leaving Chicago for the West tomorrow morning.
silas text

The late night skate session.
sculture spot

Jimmy pissed in his first bottle!
jimmy bottle piss

Check the footy out, good job Mike!
footy time

5 am elevator ride, one hour from the start of continental breakfast.
bobby and kelly elevator


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