Chicago Day 1

Posted September 18, 2010 by éS

Yesterday everyone got to sleep in, we all needed it. We had one of those nice relaxing hotel mornings.

The guys in hot tub, receiving there daily departure warning.
hot tub dudes

Shred Shop and Kelly Hart
kelly hart shred shop

Signing time.
shred signing 1shred signing 2shred signing 3

Dinner time, Manzoori's favorite restaurant in Chicago.
Manzoori at Irazu

Kevin and a Soy Oatmeal Shake, never thought that would happen.
kevin soy oatmeal shake

Stopped by Uprise for some grip, after hours, thanks Ken!
Uprise sign

Now Kelly has a fresh board for the demo today.
kelly hart new board


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  1. UPRISE what!

    miker Posted: 4 years ago

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