Posted September 18, 2010 by éS

Yesterday we had a demo at the Wilson Park, the Uprise crew bbq'd up some burgers while the guys skated around the park.

Today is TX's birthday, Ben made him an early birthday card.
tx birthday card

Kelly and some Chicagonian's.
kelly and some chicago kids

Bobby broke a board, and had a crew watching him set up a new one.
bobby board set up

Kelly is going to be working on a beeripedia soon.
kelly and the beerics

We let TX leave early, since his birthday was the next day.
rodrigo and a taxi

He took the easy way home to Costa Mesa.
tx skydive

Everyone wanted some Chicago deep dish.
chicago pizza

Beer, smokes and diesel stop.
van in gas station

Tried to go out skating, too tired, sick spots in Milwaukee.
kevin and jimmy over rail


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