éS Skateboarding Welcomes Kevin Terpening

Posted October 7, 2010 by éS

So some of your best friends are Triplets, that’s weird. Do you have a favorite Triplet?

Yes it is weird. I’ve known them for like almost 8 years or something and it still weirds me out that they are triplets.

No I don’t have a favorite one it changes all the time. They are all amazing and crazy. Get them all together and its pretty much the funniest thing ever. They talk so much shit to each other its insane. I love those dudes. They’re from Ohio and they all rip at skating to which is awesome.

That must have been crazy to live with Triplet¹s and all their brotherly drama, I heard you made them all fight each other once.

Yeah that happened. We were at a bar all together and I ended up having to drive home because the triplet that drove and got all wasted. So I’m driving home to our house, which is like 5 minutes away, and he starts talking mad shit to me about my driving and all this shit. So he pissed me off so much that I told him when we get home I’m going to get out of the car and punch you. So I did. Then all the sudden the two other brothers start fighting and then they all start fighting. I’m just standing there by myself watching them fight in the street. It was amazing. One thought I broke his nose and the other one couldn’t talk for a week or so because he got choked so gnarly.

You made the move out here when you were only 19 on your own from Ohio, was that a spur of the moment decision or were you planning that out for a while?

I always wanted to move to California when I was younger but I never really thought it could happen or I'd be able to.

Luckily, one of my friends moved to LA and I went to visit him after I graduated high school and that’s when I realized I could actually do it if I wanted to. I ended up moving in with him like a month later. I got like a grand from my family for my graduation party and bought a plane ticket and paid rent. I was lucky enough to get a job at Val Surf and it just worked out. Thanks Scott!

What was the Ohio house?

It was just the Ohio house. It was my friends Scott, Cody, the Triplets, and me. It was in North Hollywood and somehow we found it online and the rent was super cheap. Those were the best days hanging out there for sure. We were all just a bunch of dudes from Ohio that lived in a house.

What part of Ohio did you grow up skating in?

I’m originally from Norwalk, which is up north by Lake Erie. I started skating there and got really into it and then when I was 15 I moved to Canton. That’s where I pretty much realized all I wanted to do was skate all day, everyday.

Frontside ollie
Cold winters and humid summers, do you miss it much?

Of course, Ohio is home man! Even though I moved here four years ago, I still love it there and enjoy going back whenever I can. The winters do suck and that’s pretty much why I moved out of that place. It gets pretty depressing when you can’t skate because of the weather.

Beer or red wine?

Usually beer for sure but I’m always down for some Trader Joes two buck chuck deal.

Sponge Bob or Roy?

Roy for sure. He was the first dog and he doesn't smell or piss me off. Sponge Bob is awesome though. It’s not his fault that he’s a little slow.

What¹s your shoe of choice right now to skate?

The Keswick and the Edwards are pretty amazing.

You have taken interest in shoe and clothing design, our designers really like to hear your input and work with you, where do you get your inspiration?

I think I just like making things right. I think I have some OCD about my clothes and shoes, so I always want to make sure everything fits and looks right. I’m always siked when I have perfect pair of pants or a pair of shoes that feel really good. The designers at éS are super cool and always listen to what team riders have to say. It seems like they want the dudes to be siked on what they make and actually wear it.

Have you thought of design as something you would like to do along with skateboarding?

I've never really thought about it to be honest, but I think it could be something that I could be good at it. It’s fun to make things and see the finished product and be siked on it.

 I like clothes and shoes a lot so I guess it could be something I'd be into. I think it’s good to have an outlet that goes along with skateboarding.

Whats the craziest place you have traveled too from skateboarding?

I’d have to say Cyprus dude. I never thought I would ever go to a place that insane. It’s a little island in the Mediteranean that not many skaters have checked out. We stayed in this sick house in the middle of nowhere and skated some of the best spots ever. We had a good crew and we just skated all day and we got to see some amazing sites too. Im just siked to have gone somewhere so random and amazing.

I particularly like US trips, do you enjoy all the van time driving across the country?

Yes and no. Its fun to drive across the country and look out the window and see everything. I hate flying too so its good when we drive but it can pretty gnarly when you have those long drives. Especially after doing a demo or skating all day and then all you want to do is just chill but you have to drive for 5 hours with a bunch of dudes. Then it starts getting late and I see you dozing off at the wheel haha.

More about van time driving across the country?

Just kidding but its usually fun and the US trips are the trips we get the most stuff done and have the most fun. We have a good crew and everyone gets along really well so that helps a lot.

What keeps you sane being in a van for 12 hours with a bunch of smelly dudes?

Usually an iPod but we have that super high tech van that has a dvd player so we will usually watch a couple movies and then we will be about there. Sometimes we party in the van but that usually gets a little out of hand and then the van gets pretty thrashed.

What is your favorite aspect of traveling?

I guess just all the good times and funny shit that happens. That’s why we go on those trips because those will be the times that we will remember when were all older and done skating. Its always fun to skate all these new places and film and shoot photos too. You get siked when you look back and see what you did. Most of the time I just laugh about it because I’m not too sure how any of this shit has happened.

Epic wall grind
Materials have always been an important factor in the shoes you like to skate in, what is your favorite; does it depend on the shoe?

Canvas shoes have always been my favorite and if there’s no canvas, I'll take some suede.

What is your ideal day at home consist of?

Wake up pretty late most of the time…haha. Drink water and try to get myself to eat some food. Drink some coffee and have a cigarette. See what you're doing or play with dogs a little. If we don’t go skate, then we usually just chill and skate the quarter pipe in the backyard or I go hang out with my friends that live down the street. Then at night we hang out in the back and have some beers and sometimes barbeque.

Not bad!

Give me a little insight about Captain Dave?

Ha. I think everybody in the world knows or has met a Captain Dave. Pretty much he’s our neighbor that lives with his wife and two dogs a couple houses from where we are. He used to be an old ship captain but he’s been landlocked and hasn’t had much work for a while.

Give me a little more about Captain Dave?

He only can see out out of one eye and you will usually catch him with shorts and no shirt on. He seems to know everything about everything and anything you say and has a crazy story to tell you about it. He makes a bunch of good mixed drinks and has every plant known to man in his garden in his backyard. Pretty much you will never know as much as Captain Dave, he’s got it all figured out!

Favorite angry manager at Val Surf?

Nate Kaufmann. That hairy little guy was the reason I think I showed up to work half the time. I love you, Nate.

Why do you like Wendy’s so much?

I ate it everyday for like 4 years. It’s the best fast food in the game.

Tell us a funny Cody Green story? You used to have a list of all the dumb stuff he would do.

He’s amazing at life. All I know is he will do anything for 20 bucks. Try it if you see him!

Who gives you free product?

Alien Workshop, éS Skateboarding, Spitfire and Val Surf. end...

Photography by Sam McGuire, Anthony Acosta and Atiba.

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    It's "too" is it not?

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