éS Holiday 2010 Collection

Posted October 13, 2010 by garry

Scope all the brand-new éS Holiday 2010 Footwear and Apparel!

éS Square One Mid Rodrigo Tx. + LRG collaboration.

Rodrigo Tx. + LRG + éS

“If you have followed Rodrigo’s career, it is no surprise that he is a fan of Mobb Deep. What you may not know is that most Brazilians love Mobb Deep and their street anthems. The Infamous being Mobb Deep’s most classic album and Tx. having such a classic style, it was only right to combine the two to create The Infamous TXL shoe.”--Tyrone Romero / LRG

éS Square Two John Rattray colorway.

John Rattray + éS

“I’m often sickened by the ideology of patriotism, it can be as divisive as religion or racism. However, in the spirit of referencing the part of this planet at which our parents happened to copulate, the blue represents the blue of the Scottish flag. Which is, in turn, a reference to those photons scattered most by our atmosphere in its current state, the ones we perceive as sky blue. I know what you’re thinking, smart-ass colorway for a smart-ass, but it will make you skate better. These are the droids you’re looking for.”--JR

éS Square Two Kellen James Sk8Mafia colorway.

Kellen James + SK8MAFIA + éS

“I love Burgundy. In fact, I love Ron Burgundy--San Diego’s finest. That’s the reason I went with this colorway. It’s probably going to be the best selling Kellen James shoe of the year. They even come with your own Sk8Mafia medallion that I hope to catch you rocking in the streets. Watch out for flying burritos and stay classy planet earth.” - KJ

Also don't miss all the new colorways of your other favorite éS Footwear! Things are also looking fresh over in the éS Apparel department!

The éS Bobby Worrest Collection.

Bobby Worrest Collection

Bobby's latest éS outfit includes the Worrest 2 denim, Crown twill pants, Portsmith jacket, Grand flannel shirt, Eugene and Local hats and Logger beanie.

The éS Classic Collection.

Classic Collection

Classic never goes out of style! For proof, slip into the Crown twill pants, Team and Maxx hoods and Parker t-shirt.

The éS Vintage Outdoor Collection.

Vintage Outdoor Collection

Bundle up and take on the elements this Fall and Winter in the Worrest 2 denim, Anchor jacket, Grand flannel shirt, Horizon t-shirt, Logger beanie.

The éS Atiba Photo Collection.

Atiba Photo Collection

Focus your eyes on two dope offerings from longtime éS friend and photographer Atiba Jefferson: Propel and Backdrop t-shirts.

Most of the other apparel items are new, too, so go take a gander. Choose your favorites and buy 'em all down at your nearest éS dealer.

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  1. es footwear is amazing ..

    LAMAR LEGREE Posted: 4 years ago
  2. yeee mii Nigga Kellen gotta shoe!

    seante bearquiver Posted: 4 years ago
  3. I must ask again.. You CANCELLED the éS One!? Why? Is it ever coming back?

    Please reply.

    Patrik Posted: 4 years ago
  4. WHAT! the es one is gone!!
    That was by far the best skate shoe in the world!! BRING IT BACK!! you guys also need to release the shoe that felipe use to always wear

    Es Lover Posted: 4 years ago

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