Bobby Worrest and Mike Anderson in KROOK3D

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Bobby Worrest

Bobby Worrest Krook3d Interview

éS Skateboarding recently sat down with Bobby Worrest while on the éS Arizona trip about the new KROOK3D video that hits stores today, October 15th. Check out what Mr. Worrest had to say about the new video and his new shoes he is creating for éS that is due out in June 2011.

So, since Manderson is in Europe filming for the new Transworld video you’re going to carry all the weight of these questions about the KROOK3D video, no big deal, right?! So, how long did it take to film for the KROOK3D video?

We filmed for three months straight…May thru…ya, something like that.

Were there challenges having such a short amount of time to film for the video? Such as if someone got an injury, or something like that, I mean you’re pretty much screwed, does that add a lot of pressure.

Challenges? Ya, of course that’s on your mind and you would be missing out, but the only injury was the twelve-pack at noon…haha, everyday! No, but, everyone was good, there were no major injuries so it all worked out.

Did you go out everyday for three months straight and film, is that how it had to work?

The way it worked was ah, umm…we started off in the L.A. area and I think we were there for two weeks?! So, the way it worked was we spent two weeks in L.A., then we did San Francisco and then I went to Austin with éS for a week, so I took like a week off of filming to be with the éS team…something like that for Austin, then we went to the East Coast for two weeks, New York and D.C. That was the last part of the filming trip. I think that was it.

Was it difficult filming in 3D, was their anything different about the filming process?

No, just a different camera.

What about filming different, specific angles to catch other backgrounds or tree limbs that might stand out in 3D more, that you normally wouldn’t see in regular skate videos, shit like that?

Well, he had a fisheye, so a fisheye was just normal fisheye angles, but long lens, it might be good to have some contrasting depth in things like….ahhh, it’s hard to explain.

In the promo’s there seems to be a lot of filming through obstacles, like through trees, zigzagging around things, stuff like that.

Kind of, like, say you were, let me think of a good example. I don’t know, like maybe he filmed things a little differently long lens than you would normally film it because of a different angle or obstacle, something might be protruding out or something might be in the foreground that would pop-out and make it more 3D-ish.

The history of Krooked videos are not like your normal skate videos, there always seems to be a little bit more variety, is this any different?

Like Krooked videos in general? Well, they just turned out to be what they have turned out to be! Haha. Like when we were making the past videos like the VHS video, it was just, lets go out and have a bunch of fun and try some shit and make it into a video, then it just turned into something that was fucking awesome. And then, the same with the next one and the same with KROOK3D. It started out being, let’s go out and just film a bunch of fun shit and it’s going to look cool because we have this camera and we can put things in the foreground that’s going to make shit like, more 3D. And then, the first couple of days we filmed cool shit and then all the sudden people started getting like fucking sick shit, and it turned into this having fun video, which it still is a having fun video, but more like shit you would actually film without having a 3D camera there, it just kept evolving into this new masterpiece.

So, it’s not just a novelty film, it has some serious skateboarding?

Oh, it’s definitely a novelty film because of the 3D fact, but there’s some real serious skateboarding in it.

Who’s idea was it to film a 3D video, did Gonz have a big part in the idea of a 3D video or did it come in another way?

We were thinking of new ideas for a Krooked video and a mutual friend, this guy Erik Bragg, figured out a way to do a 3D production and thought it would be cool to do it with Krooked. Me and Mike are friends with him, so we just put it all together.

Bobby Worrest
Did Erik film the whole thing?

Yup, he filmed the whole thing with that 3D camera, that specific camera. But, for the video, he approached me about it and I filmed some things at the Sole Technology skate park and then he showed me the footage and some little edits he did and I was like, fuck, I have never seen anything like that before in skateboarding so, ya, we figured we’d go with it.

Have you seen your full part already?

Wait, when does this interview drop again? I don’t want to give away any secrets? Oh ya, it drops the day of the video release on October 15th. Well, the video isn’t in parts, like separated by skateboarders, it’s separated by city parts. L.A., San Francisco, New York and D.C.

So, that had to take some major pressure off of everyone’s shoulders, knowing that they didn’t have to film an entire part with such a limited amount of time.

Oh ya, for sure. It was more like, fuck, we’re going to go to this spot all day and no one had to kill themselves and everyone would just get tricks at the one spot and if you decided to knock some shit out and do something totally awesome, it was like fantastic, and that always ended up happening with someone on the team.

So, were you rolling in a van or just skating through the city?

We were in a van and Mic-E was driving the van, but there was a lot of skating in each city so we didn’t always use the van to transport to new spots. That was the part that I thought was really fun, cause specifically, in New York, a couple of us went out with Erik and just skated from one skate spot to Mark’s house, but we would stop along the way and film shit you would do if you were skating to your friends house. It would be like, oh hey, there’s this cool bump right over here, let’s go skate it for a couple of minutes. Then that couple of minutes would turn into an hour and then the next thing you know you’re on your way and you find another thing to skate.

When you were in New York filming for the video, is that when they did the surprise pro release for Mike?

Ya, that was the first or second day we were in the city.

So, when you’re headed to your buddies house, your little buddy happens to be the Gonz, what’s that like?

Ya, hahaha, he’s my little buddy, that’s what I call him Little Buddy or Little Mark.

Hahaha. What does he call you back?

Ha, I don’t know, mean things to fuck with me. Hahahaha, no, he’s super nice.

So, you enjoyed making the video!?

It was super fun, no stress. The only stress that was brought upon us was the stress we created in our own minds to nail a trick. The cool thing is the video is going to be sick because of the short amount of time that we had to film and the volume of stuff that we were able to put out. It’s not even the quality of the trick, but there’s a lot of cool stuff that kids are going to watch and be like, I want to go skate that rad spot Mike just skated, cause it looks so cool in the video.

So what’s the secret to Krooked and it’s success it’s had over the years?

FUN, that’s all it’s about is fun skateboarding.

Did Gonz do anything specifically that you were psyched on that you saw him film?

Oh ya, uh huh. I can’t say. Let’s just say it’s on a curb. He did it ten times in a row and I tried it and there’s no way in hell I could ever do it. Haha, you’ll see it and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

So, what’s next for Bobby Worrest?

Shit, I have been working on my new éS shoe, the Edgar, that comes out in June 2011 and filming for some other shit that I want to put out and just keep doing what I’m doing.

  • Bobby Worrest and Mike Anderson in KROOK3D
  • Bobby Worrest and Mike Anderson in KROOK3D
  • Bobby Worrest and Mike Anderson in KROOK3D
  • Bobby Worrest and Mike Anderson in KROOK3D
  • Bobby Worrest and Mike Anderson in KROOK3D
  • Bobby Worrest and Mike Anderson in KROOK3D
  • Bobby Worrest and Mike Anderson in KROOK3D
  • Bobby Worrest and Mike Anderson in KROOK3D
  • Bobby Worrest and Mike Anderson in KROOK3D
  • Bobby Worrest and Mike Anderson in KROOK3D
  • Bobby Worrest and Mike Anderson in KROOK3D
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Still photos by David Broach. Video grabs by Erik Bragg.
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