John Rattrray is An All Terain Vehicle

Posted December 13, 2010 by éS

Two years before the release of the seminal “Waiting For The World”, and three years before he would part ways with Blueprint and set his sights firmly Stateside with Zero, Aberdeen native John Rattray could be found trekking around the UK as part of the Panic/Blueprint crew working on what would become his first national section on their second video “Anthems” – laying it down on Scottish concrete, in Cornish parks, at street spots everywhere from London to Aberdeen, and with the odd bit of vert thrown into the mix where possible, literally defining the term “ATV”.

Most of John’s early sections have managed to find their way online over the years, his Anthems part has managed to remain somewhat overlooked until this morning. Twelve years after its original release, SIDEWALK decided to dust off the well worn Anthems VHS and digitize this 2 minute 40 seconds rare chunk of Rattray all terrain business to share with you lucky lot.


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