éS Interviews Kellen James

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Kellen, what's going on man? How have you been?

Ahh…just chillin man. Skatin as much as possible and getting over a little ankle sprain, but it's all-good now.

So, your collaboration with, éS and SK8MAFIA is out right now. How did that all come about? Also, how did you choose the colors for the shoe, board and shirt?

Well, the graphics, my homie Sal just like kinda drew it on a napkin type deal and then the homie Dan put it on the computer and fixed it up, put colors in it, and it just came about to what it looks like today. As far as the collaboration, éS just hit me up and asked me if I wanted to do a shoe, and I was super hyped. The graphic that’s on the footbed, I was going to use for a board, so I just ended up putting it on the footbed too and then we followed that up with a shirt to complete the collection. The burgundy just matched the graphic and it’s a color I'm super hyped on.

So, is burgundy like your favorite color then?

I guess so, yeah. For a while now I have been super hyped on burgundy. I like that look on my feet.

As far as your homie drawing the graphic on a napkin, were you guys just chillin one day, at like a restaurant or something, and he just drew it out of no where?

Yeah, I don’t know exactly how or where were when he was doing it, he just like showed me, and I was like yeah, that shit's tight. And Dan’s like always super hyped on anything, like, lit up and the homies at SK8MAFIA wanted to do some shirts too and I was super down for it.

That's sick. So it all just culminated that way, huh?

Yeah.. yeah, yeah, yeah. Fo sho.

Crooked Drop Switch Ollie
Where have you been the last couple months? What's been going on?

psshhh... Damn. Doing, like, the most traveling I've done, like ever, for sure. I just went for my first time to Barcie when SK8MAFIA took a trip out there this summer. It was just like, pshh, like, the whole crew. Like everybody, you know?

The entire team?

Yeah. Yeah, the entire SK8MAFIA team. It was pretty crazy, we had a flat like in Barcie. It was like 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and extra beds so everybody had a spot. Just the homies could cruise through... Yeah, we just skated the city all day…so many spots, it’s crazy. It just was insane. Like mindblowing. I could probably talk about it forever. Just the nights were insane. The days were insane. Like days into nights, nights into days…hahahaha.

What was your favorite spot to skate in Barcelona?

It's probably that cliché saying, but I was super hyped on the whole city, I really I didn't even know it was so skateable, I was super hyped. And, I saw so many heads that I knew, just out of nowhere, I had no idea they were even out in Barcie, Like, Stevie Williams and this other kid, Fernando, so many different people, that was cool too.

So how long were you out there for?

I was only out there for like 3 weeks. The rest of the SK8MAFIA team went before me to Switzerland. I fucked up my ankle, so I had to stay local for the doctor, and get it all taped up and went through some therapy. So, I ended up being able to make it out to Barcie after that. But, I did like 3 weeks in Barcie, and those guys went to Madrid after and I came back and went on an éS trip to Arizona and it was just, ha, just pretty crazy. Just a lot of traveling and good times...

We gave our Facebook Fans and chance to ask a question and the main one that kept coming up was, “Out of all the new skaters that are coming up today, who is the one to watch out for that you see coming up?”

pshh...Man there's so many.

There is right?

Yeah it's so hard, there's so many.. umm I tell you one that's just, progressing like super crazy; I'm just hyped on, cuz it's my best friend's little brother - Dorian Grey. He’s just been killing it and had good photos in the last Transworld too. He used to skate with us back in the day...maybe, you know, just like here and there, just cruisin the streets for the 2 years he was skating with us. Then, he just started killing it and is super consistent too. He’s one to watch out for sure.

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  1. kellen James is the man and he is so underated in the game witch sucks, but hes killing it and i just copped the kellen james square two's so tight!

    Stelios Charalambous Posted: 4 years ago
    Love Kellen
    Love Barcelona

    SKATE4FREE Posted: 4 years ago
  3. damn i really like the color of the collection. Keep it up Kellen(:

    Rafael Garcilazo Posted: 4 years ago
  4. whatchout those square 2's are taking out ankles left and right!

    superpoop Posted: 4 years ago
  5. any of the ES square shoes are good

    THREE Skate Posted: 4 years ago
  6. my square ones rippped in a week of skating

    whocares Posted: 4 years ago
  7. kellen dam your blowin up

    gabe Posted: 4 years ago
  8. to: "whocares" - "my square ones rippped in a week of skating" / I think you should buy the square twos and buy a good griptape. My pair of squares two are amazing, I just skated 8 weeks without any problem, now I ordered more 2 pairs. éS is the best cuz they think about skateboarders, not like other brands that make shoes just for the money.

    Gui Moraes Posted: 4 years ago
  9. Man he's killing it, I loved those es skate mafia colabo.

    jacques weson Posted: 4 years ago
  10. i loved my square 2s

    enjoiobama Posted: 4 years ago

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