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Yesterday we had a demo at the Wilson Park, the Uprise crew bbq'd up some burgers while the guys skated around the park.

Today is TX's birthday, Ben made him an early birthday card.
tx birthday card

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Chicago Day 1

Yesterday everyone got to sleep in, we all needed it. We had one of those nice relaxing hotel mornings.

Shred Shop and Kelly Hart
kelly hart shred shop

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Yesterday we traveled west to Chicago, gained an hour of time, which meant we were only out skating to 3 am.

Lots of cornfields on the way, this was at a gas station.
justin and corn

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Indianapolis Day 2

Another day, another demo, another 5am return to the hotel. Guys are getting pretty sore and worn out right now, it took its toll today at the Rise demo at the Carmel Park. The guys able to skate, shredded the park and held it down and had a good time doing it.

5 am elevator ride, one hour from the start of continental breakfast.
bobby and kelly elevator

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Mike Anderson Spitfire Ad

The New <a href="">Thrasher Magazine</a> just came out and features <a href="/team/mike-anderson/">Mike Anderson's</a> new <a href="">Spitfire Wheels ad</a>. That's a pretty beefy noseblunt slide on the ledge, right there.

The New Thrasher Magazine just came out and features Mike Anderson's new Spitfire Wheels ad. That's a pretty beefy noseblunt slide on the ledge, right there.

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éS Team at NJ Skateshop Demo

The éS Skateboarding team came through New Jersey recently on the éS Tour After Tour and helped break in the park in Princeton near the fourth NJ Skateshop store. Chris Nieratko, owner of NJ filmed some of the skating and got Mike Anderson's point of view on the park during a BBQ held for the éS team later that night.

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Indianapolis Day 1

Yesterday was a long, good day of skating, probably put about 14 hours in, returned to the hotel just short of 5am. Justin Eldridge and Kelly Hart are now on the trip, Kelly came straight off an airplane into a session and got a sick trick.

Bobby and a rail.
Bobby standing at stairs

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Wheeling, WV to Indianapolis

Yesterday was spent on I-70. I managed to snap a few pics from the drivers seat along the way. Nothing too exciting going on besides a youtube Wierd Al concert across Ohio.

Photo incentive contest.
photo incentive contest

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