éS Interviews Rodrigo TX and Tyrone from LRG

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How did the LRG x éS shoe come about?

Tyrone: I believe it was something TX wanted to do. He talked to éS they were down, they asked us and of course we were down. How could we not be, its Rodrigo TX and éS together with LRG, what a great match!

What were some inspirations you used in coming up with the color-way?

Rodrigo TX: The cover of Mobb Deeps album "The Infamous."

How involved was LRG in the design process?

Tyrone: éS was really cool and easy to work with through the whole process. They pretty much let us do what we felt was the best fit for everyone involved. We came up with "The Infamous" concept, mocked up some color-ways, Mike Kabota the éS Footwear Product Manager fine tuned some things and added some extra special touches to pull it all together.

LRG has been making an impact on the skate scene, especially with Give Me My Money Chico, what’s next? Any big plans for 2011?

Tyrone: TX has actually been doing extensive training and strategic planning to win every stop at the next Street League without even being invited. Other than that, just trying to keep the momentum going since the video. Go on some trips, keep the team out skating and getting coverage. We also just finished up a United Nations for the berrics that should be out by the time this is up.

Rodrigo, seems like your always wearing mid tops, is that what you prefer? Can you still skate in a low-top?

Rodrigo TX: I just feel more comfortable on mid tops...

So, you have a wheel that ties in with the shoe right?

Rodrigo TX: Yeah, it’s a Gold Mobb shirt collaboration with LRG, its fresh.

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Lately you’re doing half your time in California and half your time in Sao Paulo, what have you been working on back at home?

Rodrigo TX: I had a knee surgery in February of 2010 and didn’t skate until August, so I was working on my new Skate Shop I got going with my friends Cezar Gordo and Marcus Cida in the south of Brasil and than I moved back in August Costa Mesa, CA.

Tell us a little bit about your shop down there?

Rodrigo TX: Well, I have a small Skate Shop with my brother Pedro called Sigilo, but now I also own part of my old time friends Cezar Gordo and Marcus Cida skateshop called Matriz. It’s in the south in a city called Porto Alegre and also Sigilo Skate Shop in Sao Paulo. Check out check out matrizskate.com and sigiloum.blogspot.com.

For the éS Fall 2011 collection you have another color-way of a shoe coming out, what’s the story behind that one?

Rodrigo TX: It’s the Praca Roosevelt. Praca Roosevelt is a plaza I grew up skating in, it’s pretty raw in downtown of Sao Paulo and I once lived in front of it for a couple of years. It’s a two story plaza and it’s over 30 years old and closed now because they are redoing the whole thing, I was so tough to make a shoe just on memory of it because it has features about Roosevelt in the shoe.

Your last ad, the BS flip was insane, you did it so easy, did the LRG shoe make it easier?

Rodrigo TX: Thanks for the props, but yeah the shoe helped it for sure and just because I am backing the shoe so hard, it made me want to get a photo wearing the shoes right away.

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  1. o melhor skatista do brasil.

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  2. Why TXL??

    sektaskate Posted: 4 years ago
  3. TX isTX! God bless...

    GaGo from Brazil Posted: 4 years ago
  4. rodrigo is a beast, made street skatin perfectly street. defanition of a technical urban legend

    nigel Posted: 4 years ago
  5. Tx is perfect for Es,Lrg,and Dgk.He has is one of the best technician

    Omar Posted: 4 years ago
  6. art tx!

    rafael Posted: 4 years ago
  7. this is my farvet skate team

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