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How many siblings did you grow up with?

4 sisters, 2 brothers, and 1 adopted sisters. 7 total.

Growing up with so many siblings in your family, what were some of the most outrageous things you would get away with?

I definitely got away with never doing the dishes, laundry, cleaning any sort of thing. I played the dumb card a lot. I just acted like I didn't know how to do anything.

Ever use any of your 'youngest child' skills to benefit your skateboarding? Like tricking a security guard to skate a spot longer, or maybe having Scuba send you more shoes than you need?

Uhhh yeah I get quite a few boards and shoes probably. I'm a little spoiled, I guess I never really put the two together. [laughs]

Do you know you were raised in the meth capital of the world?

Eugene is the meth capitol of the world?

You weren’t raised in Eugene?

Oh, Springfield... yeah I guess so...

Growing up there did you and your friends ever want to try smoking meth?

[laughs] Not meth... I mean I didn't even smoke weed till I was 17. Meth is fucking crazy man. There was a meth house just down the street from where I grew up that was raided. I think being around sketchy drugs like that scared me away.

What are your thoughts on drug abuse?

I think if it's natural, if it grows from our earth, and nothing's added to it, it's ok. The sketchy stuff's the chemically produced drugs.

Living in San Francisco for the better part of 3 years now, what are some of your favorite things about the city?

The food. It’s where all my money goes to... food. And, how small of a big city it is, you can skate, walk, or bike anywhere really.

Any complaints about the city?

I guess the yuppies can bum me out, but other then that it's a really great place.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable skating the hills or the rough spots here in San Francisco?

I think coming from the North West where it rains more then it does here, the ground actually feels smooth! The hills definitely took a little more time to get warmed up to.

Think skating the hills in San Francisco make you want to skate faster in other areas of the country/world that may be a lot flatter?

Yeah, I think once you get used to skating that fast you realize how much fun it is.

Switch Smith - Josh Matthews
Been in any sketchy situations bombing any hills?

I've slid under car bumpers and dodged plenty of cars and bikers, but nothing too crazy.

Do you think living here in San Francisco has drawn you to the vegetarianism lifestyle?

Yeah, I think it has an impact on it just because of all the food options in the areas.

Traveling the world with éS now, think you'll have a relapse eating the same simple plates in all meat eating countries?

[laughs] I think the lack of food choices will keep me eating less meat just because of how gnarly it is not knowing where the meat in the middle of nowhere comes from.

Eating healthy as you do, do you ever think you're getting positive vibes back from the universe for eating less meat?

[laughs] Maybe a little bit of good karma is coming my way for not only treating my body good, but respecting the animals as well.

Do you still believe in "The Secret"?

Yeah, "The Secret" is a shitty way to put it, just because of that book, but yeah and only because it's the law of the universe. Whatever you put out there is definitely what you're going to get back. Negative vibes or good vibes.

Ever think that the law of the universe helps your skating day-to-day?

Damn you're getting deep dog. No, not necessarily. I guess if something negative happened that day I would be less inclined to try a harder trick. So, yes for sure.

I remember when your dad was a preacher and we'd go out skating. You would pray before trying your tricks. Do you remember that?

Holy shit, yeah I do remember that. I haven’t thought about that until now. [laughs]

Do you still pray before trying tricks?

Not to God per se... mentally talk to something though. Something like, “alright we got this” or “let me land this one!”

Who's we?

Maybe the universe? [laughs]

Is there anything you're looking forward to before December 24th 2012?

Stop thinking about the future. Living in the now.

Think we're all gonna die on that date?

I don’t know, I said I’m trying not to think about the future.

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  1. this guy is sick, you guys are putting together quite the team

    steven land Posted: 4 years ago
  2. It's sick that this dude is on, he rips and has been ripping for a while now. Bay Area!

    miker Posted: 4 years ago
  3. The 'es team is becoming so sick! I'm definitely hyped on all the new team members who have got on in the past year or so. Now all you guys gotta do is add Tyler Surrey and it'll be complete.

    magellan Posted: 4 years ago
  4. yes tyler surrey. dudes the best. and es is so sick

    weines Posted: 4 years ago
  5. please add tyler surrey, he is the shit

    steven land Posted: 4 years ago
  6. I've always thought Josh was amazing . . .and he has ALWAYS played the "youngest kid" card! =0) Love you, bro!

    StacyT Posted: 4 years ago
  7. yessssss dude, i was waiting for this dude to be fully on the team. he's sooo good and mad cool, and i agree on putting tyler surrey on the team. they both rip and are rad as hell.

    jon putur Posted: 4 years ago
  8. congrats josh, i still remember learning to skate around you chris breezy, ty, zach and monks

    Alex Posted: 4 years ago
  9. do it to it. not too shabby jawsh

    chris fish Posted: 4 years ago
  10. What is the name of the song?(:

    SparkyHUN Posted: 4 years ago
  11. ah ha ha josh baby- dude ya'll- this kid can skate!

    joely Posted: 4 years ago

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