Bobby Worrest First Look

Posted February 7, 2011 by éS


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  1. hey whats up with your butt shoes? what happened to the accel plus, maccel, and accelerate, and the cool color ways you used to have? your colors suck now. and whats up with the paper thin, vulcanized shoe trend thats going on now? oh wait, its the tight pants, flannel shirt, beanie, slipper shoes look going on now huh?

    willy nelson Posted: 4 years ago
  2. maybe thats why you've only put one decent skater on the team lately (kellen james). i haven't been that excited for a new rider since Antwuan in like 06. i mean who the heck is mcdonald, matthews, terpening, anderson. i guess we won't know cause the next es video will be 2015 cause they can't keep their riders.

    willy nelson Posted: 4 years ago
  3. and rattray, really?! no one gives a crap about that dude. he's lame. wheres kelly hart, kevin romar, and tyler surrey? i'm not buying your crap anymore

    willy nelson Posted: 4 years ago

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