éS Skateboarding 2010 Timeline Launch and iPad Giveaway

Posted February 11, 2011 by éS

Today, éS is celebrating the launch of the year 2010 on the timeline website, Skateboarding Starts With éS. This site gives an in-depth view into the éS brand over the past 15 years and caps off 2010 with an interview with the founder of éS, Pierre André Senizergues. Learn how and why éS was created and where it's going in the future.

To celebrate the timeline launch of 2010 and 15 years of éS, we created an iPad application for the 15 Years of éS and Atiba Jefferson Photography book. Find out more information about the iPad application. We are also giving away a brand spanking new iPad to one lucky winner who is the first to correctly answer the questions based on the history of éS in the contest below.

iPad Application

éS iPad Contest Rules:
Please research the éS Timeline website at http://skateboardingstartswith.eS for all of the answers to the questions. Each question is based on a different year, and all questions can be answered by researching the website. Answer all questions in order and submit answers to eSskateboarding@gmail.com. Please number each answer so that it is clear. One lucky winner will be chosen on February 25, 2011.

éS iPad Contest Questions:

1995 – Who got the first pro shoe on éS?
1996 – Who was the “acting” éS team manager in 1996?
1997 – What was one of the special features on Chad Muska’s first pro shoe?
1998 – What was a “first-ever in skateboarding” feature of the Koston 2?
1999 – Arto Saari joined the éS team. Which three tricks did he do for his introductory éS commercial?
2000 – What was the last trick Rodrigo Tx. did in Menikmati?
2001 – What trick did Rick McCrank do for his introductory ad?
2002 – What trick did PJ Ladd do for his introductory ad? Who was on the éS team at that time?
2003 – In the first éS Game of SKATE, who were the final two skaters, and who won?
2004 – How many stairs are on the Hollywood Bowl hubba that Rick McCrank grinded in 2004?
2005 – A 10 year-old Nyjah Huston joined éS. Which two major contests did he win this year?
2006 – Bobby Worrest joined éS. What were the first and last tricks in his sponsor me video?
2007 – Which éS team rider had the last part in the éSpecial video?
2008 – How many shoes were in the éS line for 2008, and what were the names of them?
2009 – Which éS pro debuted his first-ever pro shoe in 2009? Where was the launch party?
2010 – Name each am and pro on éS in 2010. Which pros had shoes, and what were the names of the shoes?

Good luck everyone!


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There's 9 responses to "éS Skateboarding 2010 Timeline Launch and iPad Giveaway"

  1. if i win i want the prize to be exchanged for shoes and boards and sent to Cuba as donation!!! they need it!

    Ruddy Posted: 4 years ago
  2. e's makes nice shoes. I like them

    Brock Essick Posted: 4 years ago
  3. cant find the party for the burnquist, u sure ots in there or am i not looking hard enough?

    eseses Posted: 4 years ago
  4. ain't no sk8er going to win, shits fixed like the superbowl.

    ffat bob Posted: 4 years ago
  5. past present future

    Jared Posted: 4 years ago
  6. where do you send the answers to??

    mia Posted: 4 years ago
  7. Send answers to eSskateboarding@gmail.com

    brianjone1 Posted: 4 years ago
  8. eS all day!..ftw

    Alex Currence Posted: 4 years ago
  9. shoES LiKE!!

    jay Posted: 4 years ago

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