Ventura Adventures with the Andersons and the éS Team (pt 2.)

Posted April 12, 2011 by éS

As well as plenty of skating the éS Team managed to get in some fun times in Ventura too from Bowling to Sailing.

Mike Anderson, Josh Matthews Bowling, Ventura

Josh and his stylish curve balls

Mike Anderson bowling, Ventura

Mike bowls like he skates, fast!

Jake Anderson Winning, Ventura

Jake bowls like he skates too, Winning!

Captain Bob Anderson took us out sailing

Bob Anderson, Ventura

An amazing time seeing Sea Lions, Gray Whales, Brown Pelicans and more was also a little harsh on a few not used to the rough seas

Bobby Seasick Ventura

First to hurl Mr Bobby Worrest grins through

Ben Raemers Sailing, Ventura

Last to puke Mr Ben Raemers

Watch out for a new shoe the Radius, perfect for life on the ocean and coming to Superior Skate Shops soon

Radius shoe

Thanks to the whole Anderson family and the Ventura skate crew for your hospitality.

Jake And Mike Anderson Sailing, Ventura


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