Tri-X Trip Ends Today

Posted July 19, 2011 by éS

Our Tri-X trip is coming to an end today in Seattle. The éS team will be doing a demo at the Bellevue skateplaza at 3pm, and tonight there will be a Joe Brook photo show at Goods.

In the past 2 weeks you might have seen some photos of the team on this trip on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but we thought we give you some more....

Scuba Steve Scuba Steve is not only the éS TM, but also a die-hard Instagrammer. He made the popular page 4 times these past 2 weeks. He's hyped.

Josh Matthews and his older brother Josh Matthews is from Eugene, OR, so when we visited Tactics one of his older brothers stopped by.

Trent back tail Flow rider Trent McClung had no problem with this back tail in Eugene, OR. First go!

Spot check in Eugene, OR Spot check in Eugene, OR.

Bobby Worrest signing autographs in Olympia, WA Bobby Worrest signing autographs in Olympia, WA.

Northwest pride Northwest pride. Fresh ink.

Seattle by night Seattle by (last Sunday) night.

The room list Who's rooming with who on this trip? Now you know....

Chilling in between spots Chilling in between spots.


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