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Posted July 21, 2011 by éS

Last Tuesday we had our second and last Joe Brook photo show at Goods in Seattle. After a demo at the Bellevue skate plaza the local skateboarders, along with the éS team, went to Capital Hill to see the photos, get a free photo book and enjoy the free beers thanks to Asahi. Here are some photos of that night.

Kicking it curbside The locals kicking it curbside on a dry summer night in Seattle.

Goods window The window had the Square Two Fusion Joe Brook shoe in it, along with some other Fall 2011 shoes.

Goods owner Steve Gonzales and Joe Brook Photographer Joe Brook with Goods owner Steve G.

Demo and show visitor This local came to both the demo and the photo show. Thanks dude!

Trent and Kevin got a book Flowriders Trent McClung and Kevin Romar got a photo book.

Joe Brook SLAP 150th issue A local brought the 150th issue of SLAP magazine so Joe could sign it.

Watching Transworld video "Not Another Transworld Video" was playing in the shop. Did you see Mike Anderson's new part yet?

Bobby Worrest, book and beer Bobby Worrest with a book and a beer.

Joe Brook singing Bobby's personal copy Joe Brook signing Bobby's personal copy of the book.

Was signed by Fatback Signed by Fatback!

Ben Raemers boy genius Ben Raemers hurt himself at Burnside, but came along to Seattle for backup.

Rick McCrank and a local skateboarder Rick McCrank and a Seattle local.

Matt Roder, sales rep Our Northwest sales rep Matt Roder hurt himself skating but can't be stopped. Beer coozie holder on the crutches? Yup!

Team meeting Team meeting.

Ben Raemers teaches you how to renegade a beer Back at the hotel Ben Raemers explained Mike Anderson and Joe Brook how to renegade a beer. Thanks Ben!

Thanks you Goods and Asahi beer Thank you again to Goods and Asahi, and everyone else that came out to see us in Seattle!

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