Be A Manwolf Today

Posted July 28, 2011 by éS

Super Size!

All this for some ... shoes !?!


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There's 14 responses to "Be A Manwolf Today"

  1. this is pretty damn awesome...i want 'em..."congratulations, its a man-wolf..." haha - this is great!

    eSnako Posted: 3 years ago
  2. that was awesome! good job!

    ricky Posted: 3 years ago
  3. kicks to kill?

    sebastian toombs Posted: 3 years ago
  4. 1 pair, Size 10 (Size Feral in Manwolf). Thx.

    Tyler Austin Bradley Posted: 3 years ago
  5. Fucking Supercool!!!!!!!!!

    christopher suciu Posted: 3 years ago
  6. THis is the best thing i've seen in a long time. Holy shit.

    Reminds me so much of the short web-series, "Sock Baby"

    But goshdamn this is so amazing. Amazing style.
    Well worth the money, éS! Good job.

    spookydad Posted: 3 years ago
  7. What's the tune?

    Shane Posted: 3 years ago
  8. can you start selling those vests

    jonathon Posted: 3 years ago
  9. This is even better if you've seen the movie Macho Taildrop! SICK!

    Misha Posted: 3 years ago
  10. Love that dubstep...shoe looks sick nasty too

    Cee Tee Posted: 3 years ago
  11. What!?! lol

    Docta Smoov Posted: 3 years ago
  12. hey I'd like to ask are you selling this type of shoes in black with the wolf logo? I could'nt find it anywhere....:/ nice video anyways! wicked! :)

    mrmyair Posted: 2 years ago
  13. I mean without the wolf logo...!

    mrmyair Posted: 2 years ago
  14. when do tese bad boys come out ?

    max handley Posted: 2 years ago

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