Gone Skating: A Message from éS

Posted August 19, 2011 by brink

es footwear accel

Last week, it was announced that éS is going on hiatus at the end of Spring 2012.

This is a painful decision for everyone involved, and judging from the overwhelming amount of email, Facebook and Twitter support we've received in the last week, our fans, retailers and supporters are bummed as well.

éS has been providing skateboard-specific footwear since 1995. The goal was to make the best shoes we could to support the needs of skateboarders. We're extremely proud of our legacy in footwear and apparel design. We are proud of our riders, videos, tours and the positive and progressive effect we've had on skateboarding.

From now into Spring 2012, business continues for us. We will continue working with our team riders and everyone associated with the brand through this transition.

You may see a bit less from us in the magazines and online, but we will continue to support the thing we love the most, skateboarding, the best we can. éSskateboarding.com will be honoring the brand's history through it's timeline, product archives and retrospective content in the coming months.

éS began for the love of skateboarding. 16 years later, we still love skateboarding just as much, if not more than ever before. Wear your éS with pride and know that we appreciate everyone who has worn down our rubber, kickflipped through our suede and enjoyed time on a skateboard with us.

And remember, if you love something; support it before it's too late.

Gone Skating. Thank you,



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There's 55 responses to "Gone Skating: A Message from éS"

  1. idk no why you guys are shutting down. i loved your shoes and bought them and skated them when ever i had the money to you were my favorite shoe! the shoes u made were amazing and good for skating i wish u guys would stick in there so u could keep on going with the love of skateboarding. im hoping to have money to be able to buy at least one more pair of es shoes before u guys are gone. es you will be missed alot=[.

    Nathaniel kipp Posted: 3 years ago
  2. I'm really sorry to hear you guys went down. I really enjoyed skating your shoes too. Gonna support you till I can;t buy your shoes anymore!

    Tyler Rosler Posted: 3 years ago
  3. I've owned 2 pairs in my 18 years on a skateboard but have ALWAYS fully backed them.

    Timothy Darlington Posted: 3 years ago
  4. You're the béSt! We love you!

    Marlone Posted: 3 years ago
  5. Im refiled that nothing will happen to the best shoe company in skateboarding and the best team as well ES for ever

    Murkrow Posted: 3 years ago
  6. Wow, this was beautiful, very well put together. I hope this end up not being true. Love skateboarding...

    pedro cortez Posted: 3 years ago
  7. This is crap. The only pair of shoes I've worn for ten years of skating.

    Fat Jesus Posted: 3 years ago
  8. Jeez I hope you guys cone back... you were my favorite! I. Guess ill have to buy 500you pairs of 1st bloods now :(

    AlexF Posted: 3 years ago
  9. My first pair of skate shoes were eS aura's.

    Thanks for all you've done for the sport.

    Taylor Posted: 3 years ago
  10. i will always love éS shoes. You guys made the best shoes ive ever skated.. I hope you guys end up staying around. i know for a fact that éS will always be my favorite skate shoe. and thanks for all the work you put in to skateboarding..

    Mike Posted: 3 years ago
  11. I love your shoes please don't go outta bisness or ima have to skate barefoot from now on its es or nothing :(

    ivan Posted: 3 years ago
  12. The illest brand. Fuck this is painful! Ive been a fan of eS since I watched PJ's WHL and wore nothing but accels since

    Jorge Posted: 3 years ago
  13. Why is this happening ? Isn't eS one of the best? How is this possible ? I want my children to be as privileged as i am , to wear eS !!! This is sad news, and i hate it.

    Ialex Posted: 3 years ago
  14. RéSt In Peace éS. I've been buying éS's for 3 years and have never looked back since. :)

    Jamie C Posted: 3 years ago
  15. So you guys wont be selling anymore after 2012?

    Riz Posted: 3 years ago
  16. It's sad that things have changed for you, I'm a 15 year old boy from Norway, and i will support you as much as i can! èS now, èS forever!

    Pål Vestre Posted: 3 years ago
  17. Gotta keep ES goin!!!

    East Coast Skateboards Posted: 3 years ago
  18. You say that we have to support you if we love a brand, but when i did it over past year you tell me to stop ! I have advertise pes in 2005 about critical situation of és brand, & you don t care about it, so rip és ...

    Tonyxes Posted: 3 years ago
  19. i love es all my life idk how im going to skate

    ricky Posted: 3 years ago
  20. :(

    Alex Posted: 3 years ago
  21. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo Please,

    Gui Moraes Posted: 3 years ago
  22. This is a really bad news for the skateboard world, this will be a new era for skateboarding, again, because éS changed the industry and the life of all of us, the skateboarders.
    Everybody will miss you and I wish the best for all the workers from your company.
    Accel, my favorite shoes; I can´t remember how many pairs of those I had, the best shoes ever.
    éS 4ever.

    Adrian Ponce

    Adrian Ponce Posted: 3 years ago
  23. I love you

    Jarrod Posted: 3 years ago
  24. always was my favorite shoes brand!
    thank you guys for the best shoes I had a chance to skate!

    Anton Kastritskiy Posted: 3 years ago
  25. that sucks the accel has to be my favorite sk8 shoe ever!!!!!!!

    chadwick Posted: 3 years ago
  26. U guys didnt even say why yall deciding to close down...:(

    Jose Posted: 3 years ago
  27. Damn eS had some of the best shoes in the business. Hopefully you guys come back to making great footwear one day. Btw what happened to that new Bobby Worrest part?

    Garth Posted: 3 years ago
  28. Is it wierd that im wiering an e'S shirt, shoes and hat all right now?

    TacoHD Posted: 3 years ago
  29. tom penny

    carlosw Posted: 3 years ago
  30. Yall are so full of S#!T
    If you had given éS all this love and support before and had put your money where your mouth is they would still be going strong!
    It's kinda like giving CPR at a funeral...too little too late. Unless it's a briliant marketing ploy, then we are all suckers!

    Yeah Right Posted: 3 years ago
  31. damn that blows hopefully this is not a sign of whats to come with more true to the core skate shoe companies. This is why people should not buy skate shoes from nike and adidas WTF!

    Dan Posted: 3 years ago
  32. damn I'm guys to miss you guys! i had a couple of ur shoes but the és theory mids were the best and i think ur shoes are better than sb's

    alex Posted: 3 years ago
  33. If any of you bought sb's, con's, or adidas, your supporting the death of real skate brands. See past the corporate bullshit.

    milarky Posted: 3 years ago
  34. Cant believe they put ES out of business. Big bummer!

    Ben Posted: 3 years ago
  35. i cant believe it,i have skated so many accels,kosten ones,creagers an the square ones an twos,this cant be...all the best

    pete Posted: 3 years ago
  36. does this mean.. eS is done forever? ):

    jordan Posted: 3 years ago
  37. I've been buying e'S shoes since the company started it's a shame to see you guys go under. I will continue to support as long as I can. If there is anything else I can do to help let me know.

    Charlie Posted: 3 years ago
  38. there is no possible way i could change your mind but thanks for everything you have given to skateboarding youve made a difference

    Liam Posted: 3 years ago
  39. whoaa , éS im so bummed out on the word in the streets & the skateboard word its crazy how i just got the chance to be apart of teamBk on may27 also thats my birthday :( (BEST GIRT) i EVER had all my life this happening now? god gave me an blessing so im praying that the best skate shoe stay around for many years . but thanks alot for all the hard work yall put in to skateboarding.. éS 4ever

    but thanks to Bill Keller & Keith Culver! good peeps for real!

    charley was here!

    charley ford Posted: 3 years ago
  40. éStay with the skateboarding community. Destroy Nike now!!!

    vic Posted: 3 years ago
  41. still geting the edgars are you ever gana come back im gana miss you guys

    joel Posted: 3 years ago
  42. Skate the B'eSt, Fuck the R'eSt! Im in denial that your shoes will stop being made!!!

    AlexF Posted: 3 years ago
  43. Man éS is the best shoe company maker out there Sad to see you guys go I recently just stared skateing your shoes and I will need by about 5 more pairs cause I aint gonna skate any other shoe then éS..........your homie jake

    jake otero Posted: 3 years ago
  44. Man this sucks. I just a new pair of 'es. Hope u guys come back. Whatever you guys do, continue to love skateboarding. it is a sport with more freedom than any other sport

    KevinB Posted: 3 years ago
  45. Thank you for all you've done for skateboarding in the past 16 years. It wouldn't be what it is if éS wasn't around; you've shaped it to what it is today. Be proud!

    rog Posted: 3 years ago
  46. first skate shoe i ever had and ima mke sure i save a pair of accels to make my last! i remember all pairs ive had :( i almost cried

    julianb Posted: 3 years ago
  47. FUCK NIKE !!!

    booner gallardo Posted: 3 years ago
  48. Damn this is really sad... I even remember the Accel Plus with the strap, those were fresh! haha. Looks like ima have to stock up and get like 3 pairs of normal Accels before its too late... Damn... RIP & Always Enjoy Skateboarding

    Damien Posted: 3 years ago
  49. too sad !!!! don't leave us please . we love ES!!!!

    linkin-flip Posted: 3 years ago
  50. From The first Muska pro model to the Square Two..... éS always been the best shoes I ever skated in.

    Max Posted: 3 years ago
  51. ive had more pairs of accels than any other shoe. the accel is the best shoe in the history of skating. super bummed to see es go. raw skateboarding at its finest. RIP

    tim Posted: 3 years ago
  52. I don't know what to do anymore... The other skate shoe brands suck. You guys made the best shoes. Es is, was, and always will be the best. You will be sorely missed.

    Rigo Posted: 3 years ago
  53. man, so its true. i just dont understand how companies like osiris and stuff are still around.i will miss eS alot. they where a hardcore skate company. i wish it hadnt come to this. i will keep my last pair of eS shoes forever, or unless you guys come back.Goodbye eS Footwear

    luis Posted: 3 years ago
  54. Fuck i didnt get to skate accels i wanted them forever and we dont have them in macedonia :(

    klimo Posted: 3 years ago
  55. maybe e.S, can continiue

    trime Posted: 3 years ago

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