éS presents: John Tanner, A Week In Paris

Posted August 23, 2011 by wilko


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  1. Hey guys!

    I really love all the things that you've been doing all this time. éS, is part of skateboarding, is part of my life an all skateboarders around the world.

    I live in Brazil, and here is not always that i had the oportunity to have your shoes, only twice and it was the best shoes that i ever skate with.

    Ohh, and about this video, what can i say? Amazing!!!

    Keep it up with the awesome job.



    Alexandre Posted: 3 years ago
  2. Hey, you guys should bring back the original therory mid because I've never skated as good in any other pair of shoes as I have I the original theory mids not the theory 1.5 mids. Thank you and I shall keep purchasing your shoes.

    Baltazar Valdivias Posted: 3 years ago
  3. good flick sorry to see such a good company go.
    Thanks for the shred

    John Posted: 3 years ago
  4. sorry to hear you guys are going out of business. such a huge team gone to waste its such a let down maybe you guys can come back one day. or maybe yall can save your selves from going under water, but if not then thanks for support dude. i appreciate it.

    dustin owens Posted: 3 years ago

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