Boneless One Day

Posted December 1, 2011 by éS

Today has been tagged as International Boneless One Day. It is time to go have some fun and throw down one of the funnest tricks in skateboarding. Invented by the very great Garry Scott Davis, infamous as GSD, one of street skating's true pioneers. Garry first put his foot down for skating in 1980. Grabbing his board, thrusting it upward, and then jumping to follow it forward, before its inevitable gravity-defying reign ended. Before the street Ollie, and before Rodney Mullen invented every other trick in the modern street skaters artillery, the Boneless One and its variations were the best way to go up and over something without a ramp.

All hail the Boneless One. Go buy the book.

GSD Boneless OG

Here are a few random photos from our archives to celebrate this day.

Terps Beenplanting

Kterps Street Hip B less

Mike Anderson Double Rock Boneless

Kingpin Ben

Ben Top 25

More Ben Bside Boning

McCrankers Bone and Bean


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