Scuba Steve Interview for éS 15 Year Anniversary

Posted December 31, 2011 by garry

Scuba Steve mugs it up with his Accel colorway back in 2007.

We dug up this old interview for the éS 15 Year Anniversary back in 2010 that never got posted and figured, "Why let it go to waste?" Enjoy!

How did you get to be the éS filmer, and then the Team Manager?

Paul Rodriguez and Mike Taylor were a huge part in that. I was filming those guys all the time. I’m pretty sure [former éS Team Manager] Tony E. hit up Mikey and Paul on who they wanted to be the éS filmer. I got a call from Tony while I was working at Skatelab. I put in my two weeks notice on the spot. The Team Manager position just kinda happened naturally. As a filmer, you end up doing a lot of the tasks required by a Team Manager, as the riders look to you to take care of shit for them. Our Brand Manager at the time asked me if I would consider being the Team Manager, so I figured it was worth a shot. I got a credit card out of the deal.

List the five most memorable things that happened to you during any éS tours, demos, filming missions, photo shoots, etc.

1. Eric Koston, Mike Barker, Shelby Woods and myself almost getting robbed by a dude in a ski mask. We ran with our cameras and left this double set lit up on the corner of the street, returned back to the double set, packed our gear and got out of there safely.

2. PJ Ladd’s butter bench lines all in one night. We stayed out until 5:00 a.m. filming them. My good friend Dan Quigly, who was the transporter of the benches, had school in a few hours, but waited it out for the cause. The benches are in my backyard, and everyone that comes over always asks if they’re the PJ Ladd benches.

3. Bobby Worrest doing a backside tail kickflip in Minneapolis. He tried it all night. I believe we filled up the generators twice during the session and had our batteries charging off the generators, as well. Mike Manzoori and I were on our last little bit of battery power when Bobby finally made it. He is one guy that will skate all night when he gets sparked.

4. Manzoori and myself got pulled out of bed at gunpoint once at a hotel in Miami. It turns out they were undercover cops looking for Antwuan and Winkle. We had no idea what was going on. I just woke up to a Dan Marino jersey and a gun in my face.

5. We got robbed in Peru--can't forget that one. Holy shit, that was sketchy! Oli Barton and Manzoori got the brunt of that one. I watched it happen, shots fired and everything. We spent the next day-and-a-half in police stations. Falcon the cop was awesome. He showed us slide shows of his deployment in Iraq and let us take photos with the cops in all their armor just before they headed out to find the people who robbed us. It was insane.

Which was your favorite part in Menikmati? Why?

Rodrigo--I had no idea that was coming!

How did your Accel and Square One signature colorways come about? How many pairs did you save?

It was a joke. I thought a VX 1000 should have a shoe colorway. I didn't save too many of them. I got some of the Accels in my closet and saved a bunch of the Square Ones in kids sizes. My friend Wallace said it would be a good idea to save some if I ever had kids and I’d regret it if I didn't.

Name your five favorite éS shoes ever from over the years--not including your pro colorways?

Accel--Just a classic, even though I don't wear them anymore.

First Blood--I’ve been wearing them for a couple of years now. They just fit my feet perfectly.

Eos--I remember when we all thought they were so thin. Paul used to always skate them. They were rad.

Keswick--A new shoe. It’s pretty sick, a remake of an old Sheep shoe. It’s an instant classic.

Koston 1--I can’t leave these out. I’ve got some sick ones in the garage, Lakers colors!

Which was the ugliest éS shoe of all time?

The Breeze.

Which was the worst-skating éS shoe of all time?

The Rover. I got a pair at a skate shop when I was in need of some new shoes on tour. The guy at the shop handed them to me, probably cause they didn't sell.

Which annual éS ad campaign was your favorite? Why?

So many good ones, a few bad ones, I like the current ones that emphasize the skateboarding and the riders we have.

In general, how does éS seem different now in 2010 compared to the year 2000?

This is something that gets talked about a lot--the thought of having the same team now that we had in 2000 would be nearly impossible. I can't imagine how anyone could afford to keep all those guys together. They’re all great people and skateboarders. We have something good going on right now--everyone is skating together, hyped to go on tour together, pushing each other. It’s been a great vibe.

In what direction should éS head in the future?

Continue what we are doing now: push our riders to be the best they can, and push the company to make the best stuff, as well--keep everyone working together and focused.


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