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Scuba Steve Interview for éS 15 Year Anniversary

We dug up this old interview from 2010 that never got posted and figured, "Why let it go to waste?" Enjoy!

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Boneless One Day

Today has been tagged as International Boneless One Day. It is time to go have some fun and throw down one of the funnest tricks in skateboarding. Invented by the very great Gary Scott Davis, infamous as GSD, one of Street skating's true pioneers. Gary first put his foot down for skating in 1980 grabbing his board thrusting it upward and then jumping to follow it forward before its inevitable gravity defying reign ended. Before the ollie, and before Rodney Mullen invented every other trick in the modern Street skaters artillery, the Boneless and its variations were the best way to go up and over something without a ramp.

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In Memory of Tony Evjenth

Tony Evjenth Hat

At the news of the sudden and sad loss of Tony Evjenth, thanks from everyone at éS for everything you did for the brand, as Team Manager and as a friend to all those involved. Glad we all saw you on the Tri-X Trip just recently, you will forever be in our hearts and minds and will always be remembered with affection, appreciation and a cross eyed grin.

An Interview Tony did just last year reminiscing about his time at éS which he showed through his photo set on Flickr.

A charity has been started, any donations will be used for his funeral costs and the balance will be given to Baby Maverick - his son, who will be joining us late December 2011.

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Mark Ward Interview On Complex

<a href="">Complex</a> did an interview with our Fall 2011 contributor Mark Ward. <a href="">Read</a> all about how his collaboration <a href="">shoe</a> and <a href="">apparel</a> came together.

Complex did an interview with our Fall 2011 contributor Mark Ward. Read all about how his collaboration shoe and apparel came together.

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Thrasher First Look With McCrank And Rattray

Last week when the team was in San Francisco Thrasher Magazine sat down with Rick McCrank and John Rattray and had them flip through the new issue.

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Joe Brook Video Interview

Juxtapoz Magazine did a video interview with Joe Brook.

Hear how Joe got into photography, what he likes to shoot best and who inspired and helped him along the way. Plus some of his best stories. If you ever meet Joe Brook in person, just sit down and listen. Joe has the best stories from all of his travels around the world.