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Posted April 22, 2005. 9 Comments

Shop Interview: Out of Bounds

Time for a visit with Out of Bounds skate shop in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.

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Posted April 19, 2005. Leave a comment!

Girl + Chocolate Active Demo!

You better pencil it in on your calendar! The entire Girl and Chocolate skateboard teams are set to demo their little hearts out for you at Active Ride Shop in Valencia, Calfirornia!

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Posted April 1, 2005. Leave a comment!

éS Shop Interview: NJ Skateshop

Straight outta Sayreville, New Jersey comes my main man Chris Nieratko and his main squeeze, NJ Skateshop. Word up...

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Posted March 30, 2005. Leave a comment!

Shop Prop: Pitcrew

Check out this current window display at Pitcrew skate shop in Frederick, Maryland, near Washington DC. It's obvious that Co-Owner Tim Reardon and crew know how to repréSent!

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Posted March 14, 2005. 122 Comments

Hot Shop Talk

I love hot shop talk, rumors and anything that'll make my day pass a little easier in conversation. Let's talk about the latest rumors to emerge. Plan B, and Mark Appleyard on Globe. Yes, P.J. is off Flip, which is both good and bad. Good, because Flip has enough heavy hitters on that team, so what's the deal if they are minus one now? P.J. has always loved Plan B (back in the '90s), so it was a pretty obvious choice to leave Flip for Plan B. He now joins ex-éS Team Rider Paul Rodriguez and friend Ryan Gallant, as well as Danny Way and Colin Mckay, on the legendary board company. Let's just hope it can last. The salaries are off the charts, from what I hear (five digits a month!). So, what do you think about Paul leaving Girl? Plan B? And P.J. leaving Flip?

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Shop Interview: Board Asylum

éS Shop Interviews are back! This month, we visit coastal NorCal's Board Asylum, located just a little North of San Francisco..

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Posted September 2, 2004. 1 Comment

Shop Interview: Skatepark of Tampa

Home of the world famous Tampa Am and Pro contests, The Skatepark of Tampa is one of the most respected and loved skatepark / shops anywhere.

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Posted July 19, 2004. 1 Comment

Shop Interview: Val Surf

Val Surf is well-known as the world's first skate shop'the "skateboard capital" since 1962.

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Shop Interview: Pitcrew

When in the Washington DC area, be sure to step inside our favorite skate shop in nearby Maryland, the ever-fabulous Pitcrew.

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Posted April 9, 2004. Leave a comment!

Shop Interview: Coliseum

Step inside one of our favorite skate shops on the East Coast, Coliseum.

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