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Posted September 10, 2010. Leave a comment!

Wilmington/Baltimore/Washington D.C.

Today we had to make the 100 mile journey from the top of Deleware to Washington D.C. Thanks to Bobby's greater than average sleep requirements, we were able to find a ditch spot by our hotel in Wilmington.

Mike Anderson waiting patiently for Sir Robert Worrest III
Mike Wilmington Hotel

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Yesterday we drove down from Jersey to Wilmington, DE. We had a demo at the local YMCA park, but due to pad restrictions we shifted it to Kinetics new DIY skatepark.

Skate tourists!
crew at love

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New Jersey

The Garden State, always a good time, especially when you have Nieratko in the mix. NJ recently opened up a new store in Princeton, so we paid them a visit for their first official signing and demo.

bobby at nj

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Posted September 8, 2010. Leave a comment!

Buffalo to NJ

400 miles through upstate New York, PA and New Jersey. The crew made the best of it, we made many stops and had a good time along the way.

Binghamton, NY skatepark.
Ben Binghamton

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Buffalo Day 2

Yesterday a few of us woke up early and headed up to Niagara Falls. Checked off one of the 7 wonders of the world. Bobby slept in, he'd already seen that shit.

Jimmy and American Falls.
Jimmy and the Falls

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Buffalo Day 1

We arrived in Buffalo yesterday from Rochester. Just over an hour drive through the top of upstate New York, not a bad drive. Wing Fest happened to be going yesterday, Bobby tried to enter the wing eating contest, but was not a certified competitive eater, so he was denied.

We rolled into town, straight to Sunday.
Rodrigo at Sunday

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Posted September 4, 2010. Leave a comment!


Today was the first official day of Tour After Tour. We woke up to wind howling though the streets of Rochester, I guess hurricane Earl stirred the weather up around here. It was cold today, at least from what we had been accustomed to. Check out Matt Price's blog.

We all tried to skate before the demo, Bobby just woke up right here.
bobby rochester

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éS Tour After Tour - US North Eastern Tour

After just completing the éS South by Southeast Tour, the éS Team is back at it again for the éS Tour After Tour to the North East. Join <a href="/team/mike-anderson/">Mike Anderson</a>, <a href="/team/justin-eldridge/">Justin Eldridge</a>, <a href="/team/john-rattray/">John Rattray</a>, <a href="/team/bobby-worrest/">Bobby Worrest</a>, <a href="/team/rodrigo-teixeira/">Rodrigo TX</a>, <a href="">Jimmy McDonald</a>, <a href="">Josh Mathews</a>, <a href="/team/ben-raemers/">Ben Raemers</a> and <a href="">Kevin Terpening</a>* as they tear up spots near you.

September 4th @ <a href="">Krudco in Rochester, NY</a>
September 5th @ <a href="">Sunday in Buffalo, NY</a>
September 8th @ <a href="">NJ Skateshop in Princeton, NJ</a>
September 9th @ <a href="">Kinetic in Wilmington, DE</a>
September 12th @ <a href="">PITCREW in Frederick, MD</a>
September 15th @ <a href="">Rise in Carmel, IN</a>
September 18th @ <a href="">Uprise in Chicago, IL</a>
September 19th @ <a href="">Phase 2 in Milwaukee, WI</a>

Check out the <a href="/tour/">Tour Page on éS Skateboarding</a> for daily updates and tour photos.


After just completing the éS South by Southeast Tour, the éS Team is back at it again for the éS Tour After Tour to the North East. Join Mike Anderson, Justin Eldridge, John Rattray, Bobby Worrest, Rodrigo TX, Jimmy McDonald, Josh Mathews, Ben Raemers and Kevin Terpening* as they tear up spots near you.

September 4th @ Krudco in Rochester, NY
September 5th @ Sunday in Buffalo, NY
September 8th @ NJ Skateshop in Princeton, NJ
September 9th @ Kinetic in Wilmington, DE
September 12th @ PITCREW in Frederick, MD
September 15th @ Rise in Carmel, IN
September 18th @ Uprise in Chicago, IL
September 19th @ Phase 2 in Milwaukee, WI

Check out the Tour Page on éS Skateboarding for daily updates and tour photos.


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I've been waiting all trip for this opportunity.
jimmy johns

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Nashville Day 3

One of the best things about skateboarding, is where it can take you. No one planned on skating a bump to gap a couple miles from the late Johnny Cash's famous Hendersonville home, but when we noticed where we were, we went on a mission to visit it.

The house burned down a few years ago, thank the Bee Gee's for that.
johnny cash house

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